Fortnitemares returned to Fortnite, and with it various skins, weapons, changes and new trials. Some of these problems can be somewhat vague, and it is difficult to understand what to do. This includes a blow to the enemy, when the wolf smell is an active test. This may make you think about how to complete this task and collect XP in Fortnite.

How to make a blow to the enemy, while the wolf smell is active in Fortnite

To hit the enemy, while your wolf smell is active, you will need to use this ability and mark near player . As soon as you do this, you must come close enough to hit it with the claws of heroes slash or Airy blow abilities. As soon as you get into any of them, you will receive a loan for a call and complete it.

The best way to guarantee that you will amaze the enemy with your ability wolf smell and complete this task is get in throw in player . After you noted them with your ability, come closer and surprise them with the Slash or Air Slash attack.

The implementation of this task costs 15 thousand XP, so it is worth it. Find the altar changes and dance on it to get the claws of heroes. As soon as you do this, find nothing suspecting prey, mark and cut it to get pleasant experience.

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