Arc SystemWorks Asian branches say that the Rollback Netcode compatible update for the Online War feature of the Steam Plate / PlayStation®4 version “Blave Lu Tag Battle” is to be conducted in April 2022, and also the release of the steam plate It announced that I started on Wall on Wall on Wall.

■ Rollback of “Blayblow Cross Tag Battle” will be implemented in April of NetCode update

2D Daejeon Fighting Game “Bloows” Blade Cross Tag Battle “Steam Plate / Rollback Net Code Response to Reducing Delay Online in the PLAYSTATION®4 edition is scheduled for April 2022. Through the update, you can enjoy more comfortably than the player’s players in the area far away.

■ Steam Edition “Blave루 Cross Tag Battle” Open Beta Test starts from Thursday, February 24!

Blazblue is BACK!|Rollback Netcode Update Soon!
The release of the Rollback Netcoding version of the Steam version “Blave Rouge Tag Battle” is a public beta test on February 24 (Thursday). The beta test can participate in all users who purchased the Steam plate product.

Blake Row Cross Tag Battle “is a representative 2D fighting game title of Arc SystemWork,” BlazBlue “,” BlazBlue “series,” Goddess Former Persona 4 Arena “,” Under Night In-Birth “,” Arcana Heart “,” CAGA ESTIVAL VERSUS – the choice of girls – “,” Akatsuki Electric AUSF. Achse “, and popular 3DCG animation” RWby “characters are crossover fighting games to enhance the two-to-two tag battles. Those who first contact the fighting game with a simple operation can also use colorful technologies and combo, and you can enjoy a unique deployment of collaboration.