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Activision Blizzard: Investment group demands rejection of the Xbox

In January this year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of the software giant Activision Blizzard for the price of $ 68.7 billion. Upon completion of the takeover, exclusive rights to renowned gaming brands like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch or Guitar Hero.

So that it can come so far, a special assembly of the shareholders takes place on April 28th. Without a majority consent of investors, the planned merger agreement failed.

That would be quite in the sense of the SOC Investment Group, who asked all the shareholders on Thursday in a letter to vote against the deal:

“This transaction assesses Activision and its future earnings potential are not adequately, for the most part, because it ignores the role that the sexual harassment crisis – and the incompetent handling of the Activision Executive Board – has played in the delay of product publications and the decline of the stock price. “

“We do not believe that the shareholders of Activision should build on a transaction to rebuild the value to ensure the failure of Activision management, security and justice in the workplace, and the failure of the Management Board, constructively on the to react inherent crisis, lost. “

“But we also observe that Activision’s employees have bravely demanded the end of harassment and retaliation within the company at the latest since last July and that they play a crucial role in redesigning corporate culture in the future.”

“We believe that the company is not selling only through a constructive cooperation with its employees – the only asset, the activision, but without which the company can not operate – initiate a real trendy and the confidence of investors in his reputation and its business activities can restore. “

“We urge you to join us to reject the merger proposal from Microsoft and choose a new, competent and dedicated board on the next annual assembly of Activision Blizzard.”

Blizzard Entertainment. История про невероятный успех, роковые решения и крах компании
Microsoft had announced shortly after the announcement of the takeover plans, the deal, subject to the final conditions and the financial statements of official reviews, to finalize until summer 2023.

The real VR December beta starts with successive tests

ZENITH - Ist der Hype um das VR-MMO gerechtfertigt? Wir spielen die Alpha!
Zenith: The Last City is the first December beta attention that will appear on virtual reality devices. You will be able to play again soon. If you have not had a chance to play during December beta tests, you do not have to wait a long time for the next opportunity. This month Zenith will start with the next. Select the date on 13-17 January in your New Year calendar. The problem is to get access, only those who have supported the Kickstarter project or collected the keys that were distributed on social media by creators, people taking part in previous tests, do not have to worry about it, they will automatically receive access. Apparently, the NDA and players will be removed during the January testing tests, so they can stream at will, so you can count on the waste of materials. Zenith is to be released on VR platforms, including Steam at the beginning of the present year. You can find the game here.

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