Supercells said that its real-time mobile shooting game ‘Brawl Stars’ added a variety of new broller and game modes, and skins.

BIODOME QUEST! - Brawl Stars GIFT ????
On March 7, the newly launched Bloods Season 11 ‘Biomdome’ update, which is newly launched at 5:00 pm, allows you to earn a new chromatoid broller ‘Eve’ and a ‘Visible Eve’ limited edition via a Brolpath compensation. ‘Eve’ is characterized by a broller of a small flea concept that belongs to the Lubz’s Star Force trio, moving and attacking the water.

This update was added to two types of three-to-three game modes. First, the ‘Clean Out’ mode will win eight brollers first than the opponent team or kill more broller for 3 minutes. Next, ‘payload’ is a way that the team is winning the team to reach the target point first, and if the team is near the mine train, the team can push it near the mine train, and if it is near the enemy’s mining train, it can slow down the speed, This is a mode.

The 19-sheet of skins is newly presented and the new brolpass purchases can acquire the ‘Firefly Rico’ Skin in Tier 1, and in the Power League, the ‘Lion Fire’ is released as a limited edition skin. In addition, various insect concept skins are released to suit the theme of ‘Bio Dome’, and typically, they can see the ‘fallen sprout’, ‘Dr. Edger’, and ‘Beetem’. In particular, the first skin ‘Rabbit Glass’, which is released with the upcoming Easter, is expected to be the expectation of the users.

In addition, it was added 10 new Gadgets through March update. ‘Collet’, ‘Rola’, ‘Bibi’, ‘Ms’, ‘Ghrrol’, ‘Byron’, ‘Squeak’, ‘Bell’, ‘Byron’, ‘Squeak’, ‘Bell’, ‘Tang’, ‘Ash’ As the user is added, the user is expected to be able to enjoy a different game play meta. The broller such as ‘Mr. P’, ‘Brock’, ‘Jackie’, and ‘Rain’, and ‘Gail’, and ‘Ghrrome’, ‘Tara’, and ‘Darryl’ are also combined together.

Super cells also released Challenge schedule. The Brolls Tasse user can acquire a limited pin compensation in the ‘Easter Challenge’, which is “Lantern Brol Challenge,” Lantern Brol Challenge and April 16th, on March 2 to 3, from April 2)..

The Brolas Development Team “This newly added ‘clean out’ and ‘Pay Road’ are limitedations that are present in Season 11, but there is a possibility that it is likely to be in the game according to the community feedback,” “dual” dual ” “Basketball”, a three-to-three basketball mode, which was able to be limited to ‘mode and last summer updates, will also be able to enjoy the number of users and requests in this season. “

Meanwhile, the Brol Stas Korean community is a Samil Yeol, using the Map Maker feature to draw a Taegeukgi, and then proceeds to the channel, and is actively communicating with the domestic users. For more information on updates this March, we can see the Brol Stay Official Cafe, YouTube, Insta Gram, Facebook, such as Facebook.