The action of the semifinals of the Golden League begins with a confrontation with great taste in the mouth due to everything done throughout the tournament by both teams, a duel between Awake Gaming against Zeu5 Bogotá to define who will be the first to reach the final, with an interesting performance during the regular phase to leave them as second and first place in the table respectively, they face each other again.


The first map would start with great emotions taking a Kalista for Santimon in the lower part that would be dominant but the situation for the dawn team would change with the reactions that Hobbler would have with his Swain to be able to put pressure on the team fights with which it would put the favorable situation for the team of the Colombian wolves who got the point in their favor.

For the second map we see that the confrontation is different thanks to the power it shows with a Kindred in the hands of Empanadita with which he surprised Zeu5 to keep them in line, the Awaken team did a great job of the situation to be able to take the lead, thereby achieving a tie in the series with a tremendous impact on this map.

With things even we reach the third scenario where both squads showed a more even game to look for one more point, again we see Santimon being key to the awakening team with his Xayah but again despite going down the The wolves remain calm to let the Keii Fiora do her job to get a brutal damage with which she would help close the duel.

Reaching a fourth map and now with the pressure against the Awake team we see that they are looking to create chaos within the rift, however, Zeu5 managed to make a difference with a Gangplank in the hands of Keii with which he took control of the upper part while his definitive would be used in the areas of the team fights that would be beneficial for them, thus closing the series in his favor.

An interesting meeting that defines the first finalist of the Colombian tournament that repeats its place in the event the Zeu5 Colombia team, now we just have to wait to see who will be their rival between Awake Gaming and Braves Rising, with the action that continues today to define the last quota for the maximum gala.