Acwire was on June 5th on the information program Acquire Game Show, Sword, Magic and Gakuen Quest. ] It was announced that it will be released on September 8. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch/PS4. The price is 4980 yen including tax for the download version and 5980 yen for the package version.

Sword, magic and school quest. Is a real-time strategy RPG. It will be a spin-off work of the Toto Mono series. If you pick up characters like rubber straps, they will automatically move and defeat enemies. It is possible to pinch the character as needed, move it, summon it, or use magic.

The stage is on the Pedora continent, where four countries and four schools exist. The Pedora continent was unprecedented due to overflowing monsters and labyrinths that appeared in the continent. Alex, who was inherited from his father, on a journey with a treasure ruler orb overlooking the battlefield to find his disappeared father. Alex, the protagonist, approaches the truth of the unusual incident on the Pedora continent with his childhood friend Citrin, his counselor, Razuri, and his unique students.

The protagonist Alex moves to the target of the flag placed by the player. Alex cannot attack on his own, so he needs to place his fellow students and fight while fighting. The number of students that can be placed will increase depending on Alex’s awakening level during battle. Although students basically follow Alex and move, it seems that there is a difference in how to move depending on the personality of the students.


Students can be created by character makeup. You can set up the three attributes given by races, appearance, and random to assemble your own party. Each student has a preceding department and has more skills to grow. It is also possible to change to the top department.

Sword, magic and school quest. Is scheduled to be released on September 8th. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch/PS4. In the package version, as a privilege, Sword, magic and school goods. The character of 3 is enclosed as an additional unit.