As you know, Elden Ring is a great success for from Software. The title has visibly reached a new public, and the Speedrunners are already got in my heart in many categories. New records around the world keep being established, and it still happened on the weekend of April 16th.

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Elden Ring Any% Speedrun in 18:57 (WORLD FIRST SUB 20 MINUTES)
At present, there are several categories of Speedrun for Elden Ring. There is obviously the Any% category, which consists in using all the means provided by the title to complete the game as quickly as possible, but there is also the Any% unrestricted , which allows players To use the many flaws ** of the game to make a lot, a lot of time.

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On PC, the world record of the Any% has been detained for a few days by Muftaay in 26 minutes and three seconds (road wrongwrap), while on console, the 35-minute record 51 seconds is held by Dulier. But the category that interests us today is unrestricted, where the zip technique, which exploits the flaws of the game which makes it possible to move on huge distances, is queen. Quite spectacular despite the absence of combat, this category was recently dominated by the Speedrunner Distortion2 , which has stopped improving its time pass under the 7 minute bar ** (6:59) At the end of last weekend.

But despite his fierceness and his great talent, the American players had to bow this weekend in front of the French Runner Seeker who established a brand new world record for the category. His time ? 6 minutes and 46 seconds , an improvement of 13 seconds compared to the previous record. For the moment, seeker and distortion2 are the only two players to be passed below the 9 minute bar in Any% unrestricted **. The third fastest time to have been submitted to is 9 minutes and 31 seconds (by Ginz, another French runner, followed by the American Mitchriz (9:40) and Hyp3Rsomniac (12:20).

The struggle of the Sub 7 finally affects at its end! After failing the sub 7 of two seconds, I had another run with an insensated start / middle that allowed me to get the record, although I missed the end of the run: D ! I still want to work this category and go on the 6:30, said Seek on his YouTube channel.

Other categories are also very competitive

Recall that, on April 13, the player Star0chris has established an impressive record of the world in the Any% Glichless category, that is to say an attempt that does not use the bugs of the game with a good preparation and a careful study of the best road to follow, it has established a time of 1 hour, 18 minutes and 50 seconds , while considering that pass under the bar of the time is quite feasible. Obviously, the times of the Any% Unrestricted category can also be improved. It remains to know how far the players will be able to go. But it can take years because it is indeed not rare that new roads and techniques are discovered , significantly improving the chronos.

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