Announced at the PAX East 2022 by Under the Stairs and Gearbox Publishing, eyes in the Dark: the mysterious affair of Victoria Bloom will be released on July 14, 2022. The Roguelite will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In Eyes in the Dark, you play Victoria Bloom. In the family home that was invaded by darkness, the girl is looking for her grandfather lost somewhere in darkness. And for this, you will initially have two tools, a torch lamp and a sling. It will also be necessary to fill up on batteries to maintain your lamp in working order. No worries, however, you will quickly come across powerful objects that will help you find Victoria’s grandfather, as well as to triumph over the mysterious manor guards.

Do not think of easily find your way in the dark corridors of the Bloom manor, because they will change with each game. As you discover new areas, you will have the choice among improvements that increase your power but also among the penalties increasing the difficulty of the game. What have a different game experience with each launched part.

Eyes in the Dark: Announce Trailer


Characteristics of Eyes in the Dark: the mysterious affair of Victoria Bloom