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Remake of Last of Us Part 1: How to redeem bonus articles in advance and luxury edition

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake has some DLC elements available as a pre-pedd bonus or as part of the Deluxe edition of the game. These range from practical bonus supplements and weapons to give an initial advantage in their adventure with Joel and Ellie to early unlocks of weapons designs, a Speedrun and more mode. In this guide, we will explain How to exchange your anticipated order and the bonus articles of the Deluxe edition in The Last of Us Part 1 Remake .

All luxury reserve and editing bonus articles

Anticipated order bonds:

  • Bonus supplements
  • Additional weapons pieces


Articles of the luxury edition:

  • Two skills updates (anticipated unlock)
  • Pistol/rifle update (early unlock)
  • Explosive arrows (anticipated unlock)
  • Dithher Punk Filter (early unlock)
  • Speedrun mode (anticipated unlock)
  • Six weapons designs (anticipated unlock)

How to exchange the reserve and luxury edit bonds in The Last of Us Part 1 remake

To redeem any of the bonus DLCs that you obtained through your physical order in advance or only the luxury edition you collected, you must enter the code that came with your copy of the game.

If you reserved The Last of Us Part 1 Digital remake, you do not need to redeem a code, since the additional DLC is installed as part of the game installation files.

This code may appear until reception, through an email, or can even be in the box with the disc, depending on your region and where you bought it. It must also have 12 digits in length.

Once you have found this, go to PlayStation Store, select your profile in the upper right corner and select the ‘Code’ option. Enter the code as shown in your receipt and then confirm that you want to exchange the anticipated order bonus articles or the DLC of the Deluxe edition for The Last of Us Part 1 Remake.

With that now everything resolved, continues and loads the game. Select the ‘New game’ option and should have the option ‘Apply bonus for early order’. Make sure you are configured in ‘activated’. And he will be ready to enjoy his first unlocks.

For the content of the Deluxe edition, such as Speedrun mode, six weapons masks and the Dithher Punk filter, all will be unlocked automatically when you load the game for the first time.

That is all you need to know about How to redeem DLC bonus articles and Deluxe Edition of anticipated order in Tlou Part 1 remake . If you are looking for more from our coverage on the game, be sure to consult the links below.

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Minecraft Deep Dark Biom explains: blocks, mobs and structures

Minecraft player The Java Edition of Minecraft receive a first impression of what the new wild update has to offer. With many new objects to collect and places to explore it can be overwhelming for long players in the series, trying to get used to everything New in the Minecraft Wild Updates deep-dark biom . You are not sure what is included in the new update? We give you cover. Here is everything you need to know about the Deep Dark BioM in Minecraft.

Every new block, mob and each new structure in Deep Dark Biome of Minecraft

Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot - Part 2!

The Wild Update for Minecraft 1.19 will add its latest terrible mob, the Warden, in Deep Dark-BioM. The Warden was originally published with the Caves and Cliffs update, but Mojang delayed the MOB to create space for this latest extension. Because of how fast The Warden comes in and how strong he is, The Warden has become the Warden one of the most terrible mobs throughout Minecraft with this latest update.

Sculk blocks and their use explained

The new Deep Dark BIOME in the Minecraft 1.19 update will have a new block type called Sculk blocks , a variety of blocks with mysterious properties. There are four types of sculk blocks:

  • SCREK – These blocks are normal decorative blocks available in Deep Dark Biom. Players can reduce these blocks to win XP points
  • Sculk sensor – These blocks can detect and enable each sound. This can also trigger the Sculk Shrieker Block and Help The Overseer Find Players
  • Sculk screech – These blocks are activated by Sculk sensors and activated A scream and darken the player darkening
  • Sculk catalyst – This block turns every block into a sculk when each mob dies in your area . It creates a patch of sculk blocks, where a mob dies

Antique cities explained

All these items can be found in the ancient cities that lie deep underground. Ancient City Structures Spaws in Deep Dark BioM . In Ancient Cities, players can find chests guarded by Sculk sensors and writing. In these chests, players can find the new Swift sneaking enchantment What helps you to get past the Warden by increasing your speed while you duck.

In the ancient city there is a new block called Reinforced Deepslate. Reinforced depth slate can only be found in antique cities in survival mode. Last, There can be no mobs spawn in antique cities.

A new MOB effect applies only to The Warden and The Sculk Shrieker is called Darkness . This effect lowers the gamma or brightness of a player to an equivalent to “Moody”. Be sure have a lot of torches to illuminate the area around them when they are affected by darkness.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

  • This article was updated on 21 February 2022

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