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Author: Ogar Ogar

New Dead Island 2 Expansion Game Play Trailer Released – Explore the Actual Gameplay in Depth!

Dead Island 2 is furnished with attractive characters, cutting-edge ability systems, even more requiring and practical zombie types, weapons custom-made that can be changed easily, and also Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and also
It will certainly be released in the official Oriental version in Impressive Games on the PC.
Presently, each platform store can make a booking of electronic versions and also offers digital appointment purchasers with ‘Hanoi’s Memory Pack’ consisting of weapons and ability cards.
Dead Island 2’s domestic circulation as well as distribution was directed by H₂ Interactive.

Play on’s Deep Silver and also Dam buster Studio revealed a new gameplay trailer expansion that covers the actual gameplay detailed concerning 2 months before the launch of Dead Island 2.

The trailer, starting from the start of the game starting with Los Angeles Bell Air, shows the extensive materials of gameplay such as video game zombies, characters, and also tools.

One of the most recognizable component of Dead Island 2 is a cutting-edge battle system.
The 6 heroes of the awesome have a one-of-a-kind fight design, together with their appealing narratives as well as personality.
The bloodbath characters are infected with zombie infections, yet they are resistance, as well as regulated the zombie infection DNA to get in anger setting to use new power.
On top of that, an effective skill card system enables you to strengthen your character’s ability and also temper setting attack.
Ability cards can integrate numerous cards or integrate them with anger setting to release numerous capacities, enabling you to experience countless fight style.


One more part of the dam buster workshop is an extra demanding as well as sensible zombie experience.
The traces of the Los Angeles citizens have to do with 6 zombies with the staying appearance as well as distinct capability and behavior patterns.
It will be a better action experience, such as damaging, reducing off the area, as well as thawing the flesh.

NHN, ESG campaign Plastic Upcycling

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] NHN (CEO Jung Yeo-jin) announced on the 1st that the plastic upcycling campaign was held from the 17th to the 28th as a ‘Little Action’ activities based on employees.

Little Action is an ESG campaign conducted by NHN employees. Following the season 1, which was held in 2019-2020, the first activity of the season 2 was held in August, following the season 1, which was held in Season 1, which was held in August.

In this campaign, employees have worked together to produce upcycling products that recycle plastic bottle caps.

The company has been focused on the fact that the plastic bottle cap is not recycled due to its small size, so that employees can participate by separately collected throughout the company. It also exhibited the process of upcycling the bottle cap and announced the harmfulness of plastic waste.

A total of 4,76 plastic bottle caps were collected through this campaign period, and NHN plans to produce it as an upcycling furniture that employees can use. The plastic upcycling project is also considering a regularization.

Meanwhile, NHN has been strengthening its recent ESG management in the environmental field, including establishing ESG Environmental Energy Technology Team, and acquiring international and energy management international certification, following the establishment of the environmental and energy management policy in June.

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