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Mobile-Gaming: Equiping Details to Call of Duty: Project Aurora

Activision has published some news about Call of Duty: Project Aurora today. The team addresses all players directly in the following words:

“Our mission with Project Aurora, the code name for our new mobile game is to bring friends, families and people around the world in a global community of various players: to bring together with a rapid, precise, precise and high-quality battle royal action experience that offers a whole new way of playing. ”

“The game is still under development and we are in the middle of the first game test of the closed alpha for Project Aurora.”

“This has a limited number of participants and is only available via a direct invitation so that we have an easy start with the improvements and stress tests during games and can identify and remedy mistakes. We also collect feedback and insights into all aspects of the game when new features go online. The content of the closed alpha from Project Aurora is not final, we will only be happy to inform you of the release date as soon as we have decided on it. ”

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Game Codenamed Project Aurora Revealed - Activision gaming news

“We are working hard to create the best gaming experience around the world for all players. That is why we look forward to sharing this trip with you, so stay up to date for further updates! ”

Newcastle co-owner Amanda Staveley: “Had the opportunity to look at Chelsea”

Amanda Staveley, co-owner of Newcastle United, has declared that before the acquisition of the Magpies also a purchase of FC Chelsea stood to the debate. “We had the opportunity to look at Chelsea – a wonderful club,” she said on Thursday at a press conference of the Financial Times.

Ultimately, it has been for the team, a consortium around Saudi Arabia’s state funds (PIF), however “only one club and it will only give us a club,” said the British businesswoman clearly. Nevertheless, they hide sympathy for the blues and their outgoing owners Roman Abramovich, who officially made his sales efforts.

“I’m really sad that someone has to give his football club because he should have a relationship to someone,” she said regarding the ratio of Abramovich to the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, whose attack on Ukraine sanctions for Russian oligarches like Abramovich abroad could move. “I’m not thinking that the fair is, frankly. But we ultimately have to wear the consequences for all our relationships.”

The acquisition of Newcastle in October 2021 went over the stage in cooperation with the capital company PCP Capital Partners and the RB Sports & Media. In addition to PIF boss Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Staveley of PCP Capital Partners and Jamie Reuben of RB Sports & Media also acquired a seat in the board.

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Amanda Staveley reveals that her consortium looked at purchasing Chelsea in the past

According to British media reports, investors paid 300 million pounds (approximately 350 million euros) to the previous owners Mike Ashley in the Newcastle fans. The Saudi Arab Fund under the influence of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is said to hold 80 percent of the shares. Even by massive investments in winter, the Magpies were most recently removed from the relegation places in the Premier League and in the future strive for much larger.

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