Did myth-0 dungeons in season 3 from WoW: Shadowlands somehow too easy? Yes? No? Maybe? The developers of the online role-playing game at Blizzard have forgotten with the start of the 3rd season of Shadowlands namely in their also something: they have not raised the difficulty of M0 dungeons around the desired amount and therefore appeared the devs of the difficulty increase of M0 on M +2 as too crass. And that’s why ** M0 dungeons were made more difficult with the WoW hotfixes of March 9, 2022 times a punch.

Health and damage braced in M0

What exactly done, this reveals a look at the patch Notes to the WoW Hotfixes of 9 March 2022: “The damage of opponents was increased by 21 percent and the health of 31 percent on the difficulty of mythical dungeon,” says there. More specifically, this buff is also explained for the Dungeon opponents: “We resolve a problem in which the difficulty level of mythical dungeons (mythical 0) was not increased as intended with the beginning of season 3, resulting in an unintentional difficulty gap between mythical 0 and Led mythical +2. After the change will come into force shortly, the transition from mythical 0-dungeons to keystone experiments should feel smoother and no longer such a big leap in the difficulty degree. “

The WOW developers found that they should highlight this again with a own contribution in the WOW forum . Among them, of course, numerous comments collect from the community; Some find that the M0 dungeons are too easy anyway, while others think the blizzards should not be constantly rotating at the numbers.

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