Abandoned is still in the center of the controversy. Faced with rumors of a possible cancellation, its managers have published a message on social networks where they deny the cessation of development. In addition, confirm the delay of the playable prologue until it is “stable, good and is prepared”.

Abandoned is still underway: Official statement

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“Dear Community, we have recently been bombarded on requests and questions about the state of the development of abandoned,” begins Blue Box Game Studios on your official Twitter account. “About the lDear Communityt rumors that Accept that Abandoned had been canceled, our response to this is that these rumors are false. We are working on the revelation through the RealTime Experience application and in the online channels next to the game prologue. “

From the Dutch study Reveal that at first been planned for the first quarter of 2022, but you are not yet prepared “underestimate our development roadmap”. “We are aware of your frustration and we apologize with sincerity. We will continue working on the game and we will let you know when we are prepared, “conclude.

The communiqué appears hours after users warned The deletion of several informative tweets in the official account. Among them is the one who pointed to the technical demo; In this link you can read what it said.

It all started with an entry into the Official Blog of PlayStation. In it an independent study announced his next video game: Abandoned , a narrative adventure of Survival Court Exclusive Horror of PlayStation 5. “We want to offer a unique and personal game experience, who feel realistic. Each event influences your character. If JDear Communityon runs out of breath after running (or is afraid), the precision of shooting him will be affected. Unlike action and shooting titles, shoot arms in abandoned will be very slow. You will need to be tactical to survive, “they said.