It is the FPS character “ DOOM ” that is ported to ATM from the calculator to ATM, but this time, the user who worked with the arcade base “ NAOMI ” developed by Sega has appeared.

The attempt to transplant this time is a Software Engineer, a Software Engineer, also related to Instagram and Facebook. She expresses itself as an “arcade nerd” and has published open source software for various arcade platforms.

And speaking of “Naomi”, he was also active in the same period as SEGA Development Dreamcast, “The House of the Dead 2” “Burning! Justice Gakuen”, “Desk Limson OX”, etc. Classic arcade base. Taylor is also a defense range, and this “DOOM” transplantation is that the software libnaomi, which has been in her past, is combined with voluntary software.

In addition, this project entitled “Doom for Sega Naomi” is still in progress and you can check the progress of transplantation at GitHub.