Jack Dorsey is an important name in the TWITTER verse since the creation of the website. But all good things must end. Initially revealed by an internal e-mail to the company, he announced that Twitter will soon have to continue without him. He has since returned this public e-mail on his own Twitter account, making the announcement largely.

Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO
The reason for the departure of Dorsey is apparently due to his philosophy. On speaks a lot about the importance for a company to be led by its founder. In the end, I think it’s seriously limiting and that it is a single failure point, Indicates the message. At internal meetings, the new option for a CEO has been presented — one of the name of Paranormal. According to Jacques, the board of directors has led a rigorous process by considering all options and has named unanimously. It has been my choice for some time now given how deeply it understands the business and its needs. Para was at the origin of each critical decision which helped to redress this company.

It’s a healthy feeling, given the way business incentives generally happen. It is unclear where Jack will finish after leaving his role, but it’s unlikely to be as profitable. Executive Twitter seems to be a fairly lucrative title, after all! It was not as if he needed extra money, but given the way other senior executives acted in other companies, it’s a change in interesting rhythm.

Paras is CEO from today. The e-mail continues. I will sit on the Board of Directors throughout my term (in May) to help Paras and Bret in the transition. And after that… I’ll leave the council.

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