The choice of the best Pokémon nature can be tough. There are many options, and it is not always easy to find the right option. There are several ways to facilitate the choice. This leadership will help players find the best nature for iron spikes in Pokémon Scarlet and Wales.

What nature is best suited for iron spikes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Iron Thorns is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, which rival even with Pokémon such as Chainsaw. This Pokémon is a real challenge for opponents. The best natures for iron spikes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

  • Adamant (+attack, a special attack)
  • Brave (+attack, soreness)

This Pokémon has almost exclusively physical attacks in its pool of movements. This fact, combined with an extremely high score, makes an adamant as well as a brave easily occupying its Nature slot.

How to choose the best nature in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players should pay attention to several things when choosing the best nature for Pokémon. Firstly, it is the basic statistics of Pokémon in question. This statistics will give players the best idea of what natures work and which are not. The best natures should increase the best characteristics of the Pokémon and reduce their worst. Players should also monitor the pool of Pokémon movements, trying, for example, not to increase the characteristics of a special attack of Pokémon, which uses only physical attacks. The table below can help players see all their options and make the best choice for their Pokémon.


Best Nature Map in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Nature Increased characteristics Reduced characteristics
Lonely Attack Protection
Adamant Attack Special attack
Naughty Attack Special protection
Brave Attack Speed
Brave Protection Attack
mischievous Protection Special attack
Lax Protection Special attack
Relaxed Protection Speed
Modest Special attack Attack
Insignificant Special attack Protection
Rash Special attack Special protection
Quiet Special attack Speed
Calm Special protection Attack
Delicate Special protection Protection
Caution Special protection Special attack
Daring Special protection Speed
Timid Speed Attack
Hasty Speed Protection
Cheerful Speed Special attack
Naive Speed Special protection

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