Logitech is a gaming brand “Astro Gaming” Renewal version of “ASTRO A10 Gaming Headset” on March 31, 2012 (Thursday). This product has excellent durability and convenient flip mute as it is. Coloring is expanded with 5 colors with black and white pop pastel colors.

Also, of course, it can be used on any platform device equipped with a 3.5 mm jack, such as a playstation, a Nintendose switch, and a mobile device. The price is open price and 7,150 yen (tax included) in the Logitech online store.

# Durability of “A10” is as it is, lightweight and sustainable renewed

“A10” The second generation of twisted high durability and flip mute is realized as it is. Compared with the first generation, it is approximately 30% light 246g, and every person from adults to children can enjoy the game comfortably. Using flexible plastics instead of steel bands adopted inside a conventional headband maintained not only weightweight but also high durability.

# Pop 5 color development including pastel color

Body color is a pop mint, lilac, grayed five-color developed in addition to the standard black and white. We realized more sustainable design by using recycled plastics on the product body plastic parts.

# Audio with a sense of immersive and high sound quality microphone

Improved balance between chamber and driver to further improve sound quality. By changing the size of the sound driver from 40mm to 32mm, you can enjoy a sense of immersive feeling customized for gaming. The microphone is a single directivity, and the microphone is delivered to the clear voice that has removed noise at the time of voice chat and game real condition. If you use the controller supplied with the code, you can easily adjust the volume at hand, and you can mute it instantly if you jump up the microphone.

# A comfortable wearing feeling that a small person is fit

This product is designed to fit a wide range of people from children to adults, and a younger-headed younger layer can be used comfortably. In addition, headband pads and ear pads adopt shape memory soft and low resilience materials, and are headsets that can be used comfortably even if they are playing long time. Ear-cups can also be handed down, so you can always play while keeping a clean condition.

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