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FIFA 23: Get the Silver Star letter free: Karol Linetty (Intransferable)

Unless you are very passionate about the Italian series, it is possible that Karol Liberty will be little familiar to you. At least, until today: that Torino F. C. releases an improved and non-transferable letter in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will make you remember his name, his last names and his haggling ability. And in Sinatra we will explain with a simple guide how to get it in the game.

Get the Silver Star letter: Karol Liberty (In transferable)

The first thing is the first: when entering the objectives of the Ultimate Team we will see a series of FUT friendly in which we will be challenged to play live Sale Silver. Three very specific missions that are resolved almost automatically, and once resolved, the player will be ours.

Objective: Win 3

Win 3 games in the friendly FUT live: Silver Sale

He who follows her gets her and with a victory for a single goal you have more than enough. Of course, we will have to play a minimum of three games.

Objective: brand 8

Objective: Mark 8 goals in the friendly FUT live: Silver Sale

How long does it take to score eight goals? If it is in a single meeting you will have unlocked it in record time, but you can take the time you need. Do not hurry.

Objective: Attend 6

Objective: Attend in 6 goals in the friendly FUT live: Silver Sale

In general, you will get 6 or so at the same time as the previous 1. It puts good sides and midfielders and let them look in departure. In any case, complicate it at your pace.

Group reward: Karol Liberty Silver Stars (In transferable)

Once you have met the three above requirements you can return to the objectives and claim your own letter from Karol Liberty (non-transferable). It may be silver assessment, but it is perfect, and you will not be able to get it from the transfers market or in the envelopes.

The most remarkable thing about Karol Liberty’s improved letter is its rhythm of 82 and its capacity for passes and dribbles. Tying is not much, things as they are, but as a midfielder will help you position the ball wherever you want. Of course, keep in mind that you just have one week to sign it: don’t leave it for the last day.

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