TCA, which hosts the Taipei Game Show, announced the winner of the indie game awards 2023 at the Taipei Game Show on the 2nd.
indie game awards is an event that selects the best indie games in each field, including narratives, audio, visual arts, design and innovation.

This year, 170 games were exhibited in 35 countries and regions, and 28 games in 15 countries were selected as candidates.
The domestic indie developer is the ‘OSU and Secret Forest’ developer Sinkhole Studio, ▲ ‘Blue Went Day’ Developer Buff Studio is the best audio, ▲ ‘Witch’s Spring R’ Developer Fireworks
‘Developer Turtle Cream has been nominated for the best design and innovation award.

In this indie game award, SHE’s Yeshiva Shula Indies Initiative Head was awarded as a winner, awarded to excellent games in each field.
The work of the Grand Prix was occupied by the Italian developer LKA ‘Mass IDed’.

‘Mass IZ Dead’ is a first-person thriller set in Italy in 1944, and the story of Julia, which investigates the murder of the twin sisters ‘Mass’, is heard by Italian political and tarot cards, and newspapers and radio.
It is a work drawn with a complex layer.

In the best narrative category, a work was selected based on World War II.
The German: Flame in Winter, developed by Denmark’s Port Play, tells the story of ‘German’, a nurse who is forced to make an endless choice in situations where they cannot save everyone because of lack of goods.

The Best Audio Award was selected as ‘Asterisks’ from Taiwan’s indie developer Acme Game Studio.
Asterisks is a work that is expected to have a worldview inspired by the lease Roman mythology, a combat system influenced by Soul, and a character design that reminds me of Disney-style animation.
In the best design award, Phoenix’s Alina of the Arena, which showed a unique gameplay that combines the hexagonal tile and Doglike Deck Building, was selected.

The best visual was the sequel to the artist’s experience simulation ‘Palpate’ created by Swedish Flame Bate Games, and ‘Rail Road Bound’ for Best Mobile and ‘Intercom Moss 2000’ of Ovid Works S. A for Best VR
It was selected.
The best innovation category was selected by the domestic indie developer turtle cream ‘RP7’.
RP7 is a work with the theme of Log-like and numbers 7, which is enjoyed by turning the slot.


It is a game.

In addition, the indie game awards newly announced the Best Methods Concept Award with the support of the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency in Taiwan.
With more than 21 startup teams from four countries, the honor of the award was taken by Taiwan’s Meta Rocket.

Meanwhile, TCA introduced the details of the winners to users who did not participate in the field by organizing the indie game awards special broadcast on the 4th with the announcement of the indie game awards.