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Minecraft: Free skins – this is how you change your skin

In this guide to the Minecraft-Skins you can find out:

  • How your own skins produces and uses
  • Which version you need for this
  • What the most popular skins are in the community

Minecraft is still very popular among fans many years after the official release and is still being supplied with updates and new content . One reason for the great popularity is the adaptability of the game world . Even the appearance of the characters can be changed from scratch and adapted to your own wishes. This only works if you have the right version of the game. In this article, we clarify which edition you need and all questions about the skin creation.

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Which version do I need to use your own skins in Minecraft?

If you not only want to design the game world individually, but also want to live out in the appearance of the character, you have to take a closer look when installing Minecraft. Once there is the Bedrock Edition and once the so-called Java Edition .

Both versions differ in functionality. Only with that of the Java version can you create your own skins or use foreign creations. You can also change the appearance in the DOMATION EDITION. However, this only works via the game internal Minecraft Marketplace .

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A few free options are available in the marketplace, but most skins can only be purchased with real money . In addition to cool community skins for the Java Edition, we will show you the coolest free skins of the Bedrock Edition in this guide.

How do I make my own skins for the Java Edition?

Like the game world of Minecraft, the skins consist of tiles. To adapt the tiles according to your wishes, you need a Skin Editor . Nova Skin provides you with a free editor that is equipped with good tools and a number of example pictures. The layer overview in addition to the toolbar helps to edit parts of the body by in-case and hide the layer.

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Scroll over the individual tools to learn more about how it works. With the mouse wheel, a faster tool change is possible. With the shifting button pressed down, you move the 3D model. Save your finished creation on the upper edge of the screen and download them to transfer them to the game.

Where do I download free skins?

Java Edition

On Nova Skins you can find finished skins on the left edge and in the gallery. You can download them or add it to the Minecraft account at the push of a button **. If you do not find anything on Nova Skins, or namemc represent good alternatives.

Using the search function, you navigate through thousands of skins from all conceivable divisions. From Fred Feuerstein to Angela Merkel , almost every character of the public world is available as a skin. Try the English name if you don’t find a figure immediately. can also link the desired car directly to the Minecraft account if pop-ups are allowed.


In the FRITCHT Edition , visit the Marketplace in the main menu, click on Skin packages and select the All Skin packages button. Power the Coins Low filter in the top right and look through the free packages . One click is enough to unlock the package. Most paid skin packages cost around one euro.

How do I change my skin?

As a user of the Java version, you go to the menu item Skins-> New Skin in the Minecraft launcher and open the downloaded skins under Skin file.

Alternatively, log in on the Minecraft website and visit the profile. There is the point change your skin under which the skin file is uploaded. In this way, the skin will be added to the profile and can be easily selected and changed in the future.

Users of the DOMATION EDITION open the profile in the main menu of the game and either create a new character or edit an existing one if the maximum of five characters has already been reached. Select the second tab Classic Texture Skins in the left and click on activated. In this menu you will find all the skins you have.

What are the most popular Minecraft skins?


Nordic mythology

Summer beach party

The coolest skins for the Java version

Anktung: Click the name to download the file.

  • Batman
  • Joker

  • Minion
  • Iron Man
  • Sturmtrupler from Star Wars
  • The mandalorian
  • Santa Claus
  • Creeper
  • Super Mario
  • Link from Zelda
  • Luffy from One Piece
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Action Square, Three Kingdoms Blades Jin Palace Transcendence Update

Action Square ‘s Mobile Games’ Three Kingdoms Blaid’ announced on the 12th that the transcendental update was performed.

In the Three Kingdoms, the Palace was a figures of the Horse, and she was together with her mosquitoes when she was rescued early. After the Judea, the Judea was died by the harm of the playground Jewish, he persuaded the people of the performance and the Pepper, and the Jojo, and the Jojo, and the Jojo, and the Jojo was able to be a playground. The join is. She has been confronted with the mosques of follicles who were kicked out and confronted with Joe, JoJo was invited to be his own person, but she refused this and headed to herself.

Blades of Three Kingdoms: Return Gameplay Android / iOS
Military Longevity Major Palace Transcendent City, the real name of the existing active skill ‘black wind’ is added 3 seconds, and the attack of the real name is avoided by a certain probability. In addition, we will acquire the transcendence ‘to the’ curse of ‘Myeongguryong’, which is the skill, and use the skill to ignore the invincity for 6 seconds and decompress the enemies, resulting in the lightning of the bouncing, and reducing all the defense for 5 seconds for 5 seconds.. She then summons a huge snake, giving great damage to enemies and blindfolding for 5 seconds.

In commemoration of the goal of the passing transcendence, the event battlefield is opened to win the transcendence of the previously, and a variety of compensation, such as 11 battlefield ingredients, such as 11-former, If you use the transcendence of the transcendence, the transcendence, JoJo, and Huridon Longevity in the battlefield, the transcendency, joining, and Huridon longevity can cause a 5-fold damage to the transcendence, so that the event battlefield can be cleared more easily. In addition, we can acquire various compensation for growing longevity, such as Boewha, Sa’an Seochan, and Honithelia through the achievement of the achievement of the Jin Palace Transcendence.

In addition, the Pavilion Probability Event, Failed Probabilistic Event, April Memorial Special Exchange Event and Hot Time Events are also updated together.

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