Minecraft Java Edition is possibly more popular than Bedrock, thanks to the incredible support of mods, which allows players to configure their game process both intuitively and aesthetically. If you want to play Minecraft on a PC using a controller, you must download the Controllable mod. However, the installation of mods in Minecraft entails a number of processes. In this leadership, we will talk about how to add support for the controller and gamepad for Minecraft Java Edition.

how to play minecraft on a pc using a controller

With all the functions that you can perform in Minecraft, it only makes sense that many players want to create and survive using a controller. Unfortunately, Minecraft Java Edition does not support gamepads and controllers. Therefore, the only way to play Minecraft on a PC with controllers is to install the Controllable mod. This mod allows you to play Minecraft Java using a controller and makes it more affordable using screen tips, and also allows you to change the key bindings for quick creation.

How to install Controllable Mod Minecraft Java Edition

To install the mod in Minecraft Java Edition, you need to download and install Forge. Forge is an open source server that allows players to install and run Minecraft mods. When loading Controllable or Forge, be sure to download the version that corresponds to the Minecraft Java version installed on your PC. Given what you can download and install the Controllable mod in Minecraft Java Edition.

  • Download controlled mod

* Download forge installer
* Install Forge
* Launch Minecraft Java Edition using Forge
* Select Fashion in the main menu of the game.
* Click open a folder with mods

  • Drag the Controllable Fashion Feat to the Mods folder.
  • Restart minecraft

How to install Forge in Minecraft Java Edition

As mentioned earlier, Forge is an API for modding, which can support many Minecraft mods to help you configure your Minecraft experience. If you want to install a bag of shaders or a Controllable mod to add support for the controller, you will need to run it through Forge. Here’s how you can download and install mods using Forge in Minecraft Java Edition.

Download Forge

The first step is to download Forge. Be sure to download the version that corresponds to the Minecraft version installed on your PC. For example, if you play Minecraft 1.19, download Forge 1.19. By selecting the version, click the installer button button. This will redirect you to an advertising page where you should wait a few seconds to red the Skip button appears. As soon as you press the Skip button, the load should begin immediately. After successful download, install the Forge client on your device.

download java and jarfix

To launch Forge Installer, you must have java installed on your PC. The reason for this is simple-the Minecraft code is completely written on Java. Therefore, if you cannot open the Forge installer, consider the possibility of downloading the latest version of Java and its installation. However, if you still cannot open the Forge installer, you need to download and install jarfix . This software helps to identify problems with files.jar and eliminates them with one click of the mouse.

Launch Minecraft from Forge

To launch Minecraft with the recently installed Forge, we must first open the Minecraft launch program. Then go to installation tab and click on new installation . In this new installation, select the Forge 1.19 version. Then select the desired screen resolution and click Create. Finally, run Minecraft using Forge by selecting a new installation in the Minecraft launch program.

add mods

After installing Forge, adding mods is quite simple. Just click on mods tab in the main menu in the game. Then select Open the folder with mods , and drag any uploaded mod file into the Mods folder. Restart the game and your mods should be successfully installed.

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