** [Data provided: Ha Tae Kyung)

Li A passes, and Na Eun scores! l The Return of Superman Ep 422 [ENG SUB]

\ – \ – 18th (Fri) From 10 am to Games Cultural Foundation Official YouTube Discussion held

** \ – Lee Jun-seok, a chairman of the chairperson, Kim Seung-soo, etc.

** \ – The game utilization education is highly educated to educational effects on general education,

From 10 am to 10 am Games Cultural Foundation from 10 am ” – Advantage of academic achievement enhancement research presentation and discussion. On this day, the event is hosted by Ha Tae Kyung (Kookmin, Busan Haeundae), and the Game Cultural Foundation shall be governed by the Games Culture Foundation, and the Cultural Sports Tourism, Korea Content Promotion Agency and Nexon co.

Education utilizing the game is a good learning effect than general education and a great effect on students with ADHD (attention deficiency behavioral disorders) and expectations in the educational site. However, it is pointed out that there is a high negative perception of the game and the relevant law system is not supported, and the utilization is low.

In this way, we have a seat in order to improve the relevant system and discuss the implementation of related system. The event is that Lee Joon-seok (the ruling of the National Assembly), the chairman of the National Assembly (the National Assembly Board of Education) ยท Kim Seung-soo (National Assembly Culture Sports Tourist Committee) will attend.

Shin, Min-chul Teacher (Daegu Dol Muwol Elementary School) and Handukhyeon’s Professor (Chung-sung University), Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education) is a discuser.

“The game utilization education will be able to explore the quality of the student’s class, and the teacher’s class satisfaction, and the teaching satisfaction of the teacher, will be able to dramatically improve the quality of service of the global education.” I promised to launch. “

This event is restricted by the general public as a protective measure of Corona.