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Conquerors Blade: wins a hero set, XP

The magazine of the twelfth free update for Conqueror’s Blade have to be commemorated. You can attempt out exactly how you use the brand-new systems in Conqueror’s Blade as well as your abilities on the revised card Broch Eastray. Send us an e-mail with the subject Conqueror’s Blade used by June 30th at 11:59 p.m

. Currently to the Conqueror’s Blade web site!


The publication of the twelfth free update for Conqueror’s Blade need to be celebrated. We have bonus offer codes to win.

The twelfth free update for the medieval MMO Conqueror’s Blade called Helheim has actually initiated a new age. A new campaign influenced by Vikingers has been offered because June 9th. There are additionally 2 fresh systems, revised cards and more.

You can check out how you make use of the new devices in Conqueror’s Blade and also your skills on the changed card Broch Eastray. There will be supplies following week if you are not sufficient. On June 27, Aurelian will certainly be released in a brand-new type as well as a month later there is a wet weather version of Healing Arm.

If you are not chic about the treasures of the project, you can begin unlocking the 2 brand-new devices. These units choose to utilize swords, shields as well as axes.

To commemorate the new content for Conqueror’s Blade, you can win something with us. We are handing out reward codes for the free-to-play game with which you can obtain the hero’s clothes of the rune battle (hero set). There are 10 XP booster for combat systems and also a costs make up three days. Generally, the package has a worth of around 30 euros. ** Send us an email with the subject Conqueror’s Blade put on by June 30th at 11:59 p.m

A new class, difficult Dungeon and a new server in Blade & Soul Revolution

Yesterday there were news from Blade & Soul, today time for news from Blade & Soul Revolution. The latest Update introduced: New Character Class — Warden (slow but powerful warrior from Giant Sweden fighting in a shortcut) New highest difficulty in Dungeon — Legendary (only for the largest game maniacs) New Dungeon — Forgotten Tomb New weapons (including legendary weapons) New Growth System New tutorial It is also worth mentioning a new exceptional Level Jumping server on which your adventure with Blade & Soul Revolution immediately will start on mid-level (we can only create one figure to your account, so carefully choose their heroes). You play here . Blade & Soul Revolution is a mobile Giant Swemem created by the creators of Lineage 2 Revolution. Certain elements can be repeated, but it’s about the elements of the game, not the world of games or characters.

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