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DHL: Change in April 2022 – Thousands can no longer use Packstation

The parcel service DHL has planned innovations. Pack stations can only be used via app.

Germany – For many people who regularly shop online, the pack stations of DHL are indispensable. However, if you want to deliver your orders there, however, must be set to technical changes in the future. Customers will need the App “Post & DHL” app from April 2022.

Packstation: Changes to DHL – Why customers need the app “Post & DHL”

Especially those who are rarely at home, are happy to return to the offer of DHL. The order is then transported by suppliers to any packing station of the user. Most are these on supermarket parking, petrol stations or other publicly available places.

But that’s how the coming month will be concluded, because the parcel service has new plans according to GIGA: he wants to gradually expand the joint app with Deutsche Post “Post & DHL”, and make them at the heart of users. Deutsche Post has recently announced an innovation.

DHL announces from April 2022 mega innovation: thousands of customers look into the tube

For the benefit of the parcel station, registered persons needed for the purchase of orders only the customer number and the pick-up code, which is usually sent by e-mail (more service news at packing station).

Even by the customer card, the package can be easily taken – at least until April 2022. Through the innovations, the usual process is no longer possible. Consumers then only come with the app to their package, which is why it would be advisable for them to install them early.

Packing station changes to DHL: These advantages and disadvantages has the app “Post & DHL”

The application software “Post & DHL” offers customers advantages, because there you will find all information about the orders at a glance. You will be informed, among other things, if an order is ready. The pick-up code is also generated in the app itself, and only needs to be scanned on the packing station.

The e-mail mailbox is additionally relieved in frequent orders. Because as soon as the pick-up code is digitally enabled on the smartphone, it does not exist again by mail again. But the smartphone must be registered in the app – this should prevent other app users from having access to their own packages.

Deutsche Post DHL Group | Accelerated Roadmap to decarbonization

Some people already have “Post & DHL”, but they expressed suggestions for improvement. Customers want in the DHL app so-called push notifications. These should then automatically appear on the smartphone screen when there are news about the post office.

DHL change 2022: Customers without app get a note in the mailbox

For those who do not want to use, it looks rather bad. But dissatisfied customers are always again due to the packing stations *, as well as white. Consumers without the app, however, find a note from DHL in the mailbox in the future.

This information indicates that the order could not be delivered, and instead lies in a packing station. In addition, customers find the code with which this and other packages can be removed. _ * is part of the editorial network of TIPS.Media._

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WhatsApp sayings to the 4th Advent: send funny and love messages

Argue Rich, or Steele, Night, BWV 186 (in Spanish, do not get puzzled, oh soul) is a church cantata composed by Johann Sebastian Bach initially in Weimar in 1716 for Advent and also La Enlarged, BWV 186A, in Leipzig 1723 For the seventh Sunday after the Trinity, where he was bet the very first time on July 11 of that exact same year.

Advent, Advent, a light is burning… Sounds nice, but getting better! We have put together for your funny and contemplative WhatsApp Proverbs 4th Advent. Have fun sending.

Dortmund — The tunnel is baked, the cookies are ready and mulled wine waiting to be finally made hot: For the 4th Advent Sunday (December 19), we want to do it with our loved ones continue sleeping. But it is not always possible to spend the holiday season together, but with little messages via WhatsApp we feel still connected.

WhatsApp Proverbs 4th Advent: Funny and nice news at Christmastime

20 Funny Quotes  - Quotes that will make you laugh

We spend the Christmas season like with friends and family. Unfortunately, we do it to be reflective and to celebrate not always in the same place. But with a little attention in the form of a WhatsApp message we smile at the other end of the line safely.

Should it burns Advent, Advent, a little light on a simple go, we can deliver you inspiration for Christmas funny and contemplative sayings. It is often crucial to who should be the recipient of the message. For friends, fellow students and work colleagues, the message may love to be funny. For the family, the WhatsApp sayings sometimes have to be thoughtful and loving.

WhatsApp messages to 4th Advent: Funny sayings for friends and colleagues

This Christmas WhatsApp Proverbs 4th Advent bring the recipient or the recipient with safety smile:

Beautiful and peaceful WhatsApp Proverbs 4th Advent for the family

For the family, the digital Advent Proverbs then have been a bit more contemplative yet. Here is a selection of beautiful WhatsApp sayings for the family for the 4th Advent:

WhatsApp: Even images, GIFs, stickers and voice messages conjure up the Christmas spirit on your mobile phone

With these small WhatsApp news can you your loved one to show that you remember them. But it need not always be the big words. WhatsApp also offers the possibility of stickers or Christmas GIFs to ship.

More personal but it is when users send a personal voice message via WhatsApp — there are currently an update. So users have the option to stop recording and listen to it all over again before they submit it.

List of headings image: © tungsten Last / DPA; Collage: Whatsapp Proverbs

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