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Blake Row Cross Tag Battle, Rollback Net Code Update Decided by April

Arc SystemWorks Asian branches say that the Rollback Netcode compatible update for the Online War feature of the Steam Plate / PlayStation®4 version “Blave Lu Tag Battle” is to be conducted in April 2022, and also the release of the steam plate It announced that I started on Wall on Wall on Wall.

■ Rollback of “Blayblow Cross Tag Battle” will be implemented in April of NetCode update

2D Daejeon Fighting Game “Bloows” Blade Cross Tag Battle “Steam Plate / Rollback Net Code Response to Reducing Delay Online in the PLAYSTATION®4 edition is scheduled for April 2022. Through the update, you can enjoy more comfortably than the player’s players in the area far away.

■ Steam Edition “Blave루 Cross Tag Battle” Open Beta Test starts from Thursday, February 24!

Blazblue is BACK!|Rollback Netcode Update Soon!
The release of the Rollback Netcoding version of the Steam version “Blave Rouge Tag Battle” is a public beta test on February 24 (Thursday). The beta test can participate in all users who purchased the Steam plate product.

Blake Row Cross Tag Battle “is a representative 2D fighting game title of Arc SystemWork,” BlazBlue “,” BlazBlue “series,” Goddess Former Persona 4 Arena “,” Under Night In-Birth “,” Arcana Heart “,” CAGA ESTIVAL VERSUS – the choice of girls – “,” Akatsuki Electric AUSF. Achse “, and popular 3DCG animation” RWby “characters are crossover fighting games to enhance the two-to-two tag battles. Those who first contact the fighting game with a simple operation can also use colorful technologies and combo, and you can enjoy a unique deployment of collaboration.

Pubji Uninvous, Short Films Standing Tubes 1 million views

[Data provided: Craft Tone]

\ – Short films ‘staff’ and ‘red face’, 1 million views, respectively, and popular

\ – Pubji Unnon Bus Worldview will continue to be able to expand the worldwide

The Krafton’s ‘Pubji Unnova’ said today (7 days) of short film ‘staff’ of the ‘staff’ has exceeded the accumulated 1 million views.

On the 29th, the “staff members” are the last work of the truth 2 group, followed by the ‘Ground Zero’, which was released last year, followed by a shocking truth in the region.

Beautiful Iranian short film 2 MILLION views Award winning winner film festival Thursday Appointment

It is a high interest in accumulating the “steady agency” (high-end “(high-end” (high-end “(high-end” (high-grade) and ‘Kim Nag Su’ (Lee Hee-joon “(Lee Hee-jun), I proved.

The 30-day edge was released on the edition of the ‘Red Face’, which also achieved 200,000 views, and followed the Pubji Popular Popular Popular. Pubji Unnon Bus is currently ‘100’ (written, picture Choi Yun Yeol), ‘Silent Night’ (Written, Picture Q-HA), ‘Ritritz’ (Writz ” You can also see the work of Kim Sun-hee, etc.

Netizens who watch pubs of pubs are “I really want to be a movie in a feature that good actors appear to be a film”, “I think it will be okay to make a feature,” I think it will be okay to make a feature, “and”

“The Pubs Unnon Bus official said,” It will be careful of how the clues provided on the truth 2 and WebTun 3 will be deployed. ” “I said.”

Pubji Unneevous is a global game battle ground, a global game battle ground, and a content franchise that propagates world views through various genres and platforms.

The Battle of the Battle of the Battle Ground and the truth that contains hidden truths in the region, the Pubji Unnovice ‘Truth 2, the truth, “The Ground Zero”, which was released in June, and released on 29th and 30th It is composed of the “supporting staff”, and the edge of the star of Lee Hee-joon, and the epilogue appearance of the episode.

For more information on Pubjanners, see ‘Pubji Unnon Bus’ Official Instagram .

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