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The guild was created by three friends who are responsible for helping other gamers through their tough times–games where they are stuck or games where they just want guidance.

Pokémon Fan merges the Japanese world with that of Marvel

When we hear Pokémon, we inevitably think of our favorite creature and the hundreds of Pokémon. There are also the essentials of the first generation, with the first world-famous starter among them Squirtle, Bulbasaur. and Charmander.

If it was complex as children, or even as adults, to choose between these three cute little heads, now a fan of the Pokémon franchise has decided to rework the clear image of the charismatic characters.

A Pokémon fan merges the Japanese world with that of Marvel
Seemingly taken directly from a Marvel Comics comic, the user behind these original creations responds to the name of scrazyone1 and has wanted to share his work that, of course, leaves no one indifferent.

On Reddit, we discovered the new looks for Squirtle, Bulbizarre, and Charmander, and you guessed it pretty quickly, but the latter was merged with none other than Venom.

Suppose the general appearance has remained the same for each Pokémon so that we can recognize them quite easily. In that case, there are all the signs or symbols that make Venom what it is: its long tongue, its sharp teeth, its extraordinary eyes, its logo as well as its exceptional blue-black color that sometimes tends to dark violet.

Although the native beasts of the Kanto region have seen their appearances transformed, Reddit users were quick to ask for more. With these first tests, the fans of the license naturally imagined what the different evolutions of each Pokémon could give, and one of them suggested that the development of Bulbizarre could have the ability to catch flies with special vines that protrude from its shell.

If the result of these 3D creations is more than convincing, our budding artist did not say what software he was working with. We can only hope that he will share more of his creations in the future. Still, in the meantime, we can always admire what he has already achieved: a Pikachu in 3, a representation of Snoop Dogg with a cartoonish side, always in 3D or even others. Artists like 6ix9ine, Eminem, The Weeknd, or even Snoop Dogg as Batman!

How the developers of World of Tanks are dismissed at Wargaming

In early April, the Cyprus company Wargaming (publishers of World of Tanks) announced its departure from the CIS market and the transfer of all the games of the St. Petersburg studio Lesta. The Belarusian Information IT portal DEVBY talked with WG employees on the topic of dismissal from the company and how this process is generally going. Information is conflicting. The Minsk office has not yet given an answer to the requested comments. And not the fact that it will give.

But we (the CIS portal) ask not to forget that there are always at least two versions of what is happening. Naturally, sources transmitted information on anonymity.

According to employees of the company who, for reasons, were unlucky to get into the group of “relocation”, they actually have only an option to write a statement by agreement of the parties. The company is not in the status of liquidation, therefore, compensation to employees will be given out only in a situation “without noise and dust”, as the famous character said.

The company does not particularly look at the experience of the employee and his professional level, relocate only top and very unique specialists. Those who have a Russian passport have “the situation is even worse”. True, what is “worse”, the source did not specify.

Some teams form queues for dismissal – the sooner the employee leaves the company, the more he will have compensation. But some employees are asked to be delayed to transfer cases.

If the dismissed agrees to take less money, then the HR companies promise to help with compiling a resume and finding a new place of work. In addition, they will save access to internal training resources for 2-3 months. But most refuse to help, preferring increased payments.

Wargaming is Leaving Russia and Belarus
It is noted that the maximum number of relocated will be 30% of the total number of employees. Moreover, almost all of them have already left.

It is necessary to quit until May 31 – this applies to almost everyone except some administrators responsible for the work of the office. What previously declared four months is no longer relevant.

There is no talk of any Lesta Studio. It is unlikely that the proposal to the rest will be issued in another legal entity. Naturally, this situation also affects the search for a new job. According to some former employees, the employer makes it clear that he is not particularly interested in an employee who was not needed by Wargaming. Salary expectations also decreased.

A couple of other employees told a different version of what was happening in the company. According to them, there are very few intelligible information, the leadership stopped communication with employees. And in their opinion, there is no question of any compensation, since the Game Stream (the direct developer of World of Tanks) is not eliminated.

So that the employees do not very much discuss the current situation, for messages in the corporate mailing of NOWORK they activated the premotation.

Buy PS5: The current overview of price and availability

The PS5 is currently not available in free trade, but you can grab the console in a cell phone contract with O2. Here you can find all information about the offer as well as the price and availability of the PS5.

Order ## PS5: Here you can currently get the console

  • PS5 (DISC version) in the O2 tariff with 2 dual sensual controllers, Gran Turismo 7 and 40 GB Data volume for 49.99 euros a month (you can find more information in our review)
    PS5 Disc in the electricity tariff at E How simple * with a one-time additional payment of 299 euros (delivery from the end of January 2022) (you can find more information in our review)
    PS5 Digital * from approx. 730 euros (eBay)

Обзор PlayStation 5 digital edition, как купить в дифицитное время?
* PS5 disc from approx. 750 euros (eBay)

Bitte note that the prices and availability of the PS5 can vary.

The PS5 has recently been offered via Sony’s online shop PlayStation Direct -however, it is currently out of print. However, it cannot hurt to have an eye on the website.

Click here for Playstation Direct!

Buy ## PS5: Availability and price at a glance

It is still difficult to order a PlayStation 5. After all, well-known online shops always offer small quotas of the coveted console for sale.

A good news: Many dealers currently prefer orders via click & Collect, that is, you order the console online, but then have to pick them up on site in the respective shop. This has the advantage that resellers cannot strike to a large extent.

still applies: You have to keep an eye on the following dealer sides and be quick as soon as the PS5 is available in the shops. The online shops of Amazon and Otto will automatically forward other available PS5 products if necessary, if the console is currently not available.

PlayStation 5 with 4K drive for 499 euros:

  • PS5 with 4K drive at Amazon
  • PS5 with 4K drive at Euronics
  • PS5 with 4K drive at MediaMarkt
  • PS5 with 4K drive at Otto
  • PS5 with 4K drive near Saturn
  • PS5 with 4K drive at PlayStation Direct

PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition for 399 euros:

  • PS5 All Digital Edition at Amazon
  • PS5 All Digital Edition at Euronics
  • PS5 All Digital Edition at MediaMarkt
  • PS5 All Digital Edition at Otto
  • PS5 All Digital Edition at Saturn
  • PS5 All Digital Edition at PlayStation Direct

The PS5 costs 399 euros in the All Digital Edition. The price for the PlayStation 5 with 4K drive is 499 euros.

Order ## PS5 in a cell phone and electricity tariff

The PlayStation 5 is currently difficult to get. However, you can secure the console at least every now and then in certain tariff bundle -including a mobile phone tariff from Mobilcom-Debitel and a current tariff from Yello:

PS5 in the mobile phone tariff at MediaMarkt *-All information can be found in our article
PS5 in the mobile phone tariff of Mobilcom-Debitel -All information can be found in our article.
PS5 in the current tariff of Yello -all information can be found in our article.

Order ## PS5 bundle: “PlayStation 5” packages for gamers

The PS5 has already been offered as a bundle for some dealers. So far, for example, at MediaMarkt and Saturn there have been bundles with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This procedure makes sense for the dealers, since they can sell further articles directly together with the PS5.

Here you will find the previous PS5 bundle at MediaMarkt . They are currently sold out, but they could be made available again over the next few days and weeks:

PS5 bundle at MediaMarkt:

  • PS5 with 4K drive and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla near MediaMarkt for 539.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales at MediaMarkt for 549.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition at MediaMarkt for 569.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 with 4K drive + dual sense at MediaMarkt for 559.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 with 4K drive + HD camera at MediaMarkt for 549.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 Digital Edition + DualSense at MediaMarkt for 459.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 Digital Edition + HD camera at MediaMarkt for 449.99 euros (currently sold out)

PS5 bundle at Saturn:

  • PS5 with 4K drive and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla near Saturn for 539.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales near Saturn for 549.99 euros (currently sold out)
  • PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition at Saturn for 569.99 euros (currently sold out)

PlayStation 5 Buy: Accessories for the “Next Gen” console

To get the best out of your PS5, you need the appropriate accessories-this includes the DualSense controller, the HD camera, controller charging station, remote control, the headset and a corresponding television. However, some accessories are currently also out of stock from many dealers.

  • Sony HD camera on Amazon for 48.96 euros

  • Sony media remote control at MediaMarkt for 27.99 euros
  • Sony Pulse 3D, Over-Ear Wireless headset at MediaMarkt for 92.99 euros
  • Sony Dualsense charging station at Saturn for 34.99 euros (sold out old duel)

In our video we show you the best accessories for the PS5:

The best televisions for the PS5:

  • LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) on Amazon (currently sold out)
  • Samsung QLED 4K Q80T (65 inches) on Amazon (currently sold out)
  • Sony KD-55XH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at MediaMarkt for 829 euros

In our overview article you will find all further information about PlayStation 5.

Click through the history of the PlayStation in our image series:

Have you been able to pre -order a PS5 or are you still waiting for the next opportunity? What do you promise from the “Next Gen” console and what are you looking forward to at Sony’s PlayStation 5? Visit us on our Facebook page and write us your opinion in the comment area!

Each new Outriders weapon, opened during the week of legendary weapons

Recently, People Can Fly introduced several new types of weapons that will appear in Outriders when the WorldSlayer addition will be released on June 30, 2022.

in Outriders WorldSlayer will appear new weapons

Deathscape – legendary assault rifle

Deathscape comes with the legendary Stigmatized mod. Successful shots apply toxicity and a five -second mark. The murder of the enemy’s marked makes him explode, causing damage within a radius of 10 meters and laying a mark on enemies within the radius of the explosion.

Sunfall-legendary submachine gun

Sunfall comes with the legendary Firestorm mod. Successful shots cause a homing fiery storm that inflicts damage and causes burns. The radius of the fire storm increases with each successful shot.

vortex – legendary automatic sniper rifle

Vortex ASR is supplied with the legendary Slacing Twister mod. The shots create a tornado that causes damage every 0.5 seconds, and over time its effect intensifies.

Three BRAND NEW Legendary Weapons revealed | Outriders Worldslayer

Cool Spear – legendary double gun

Charred Lance comes with the legendary Death Ray mod. Aiming in the sight forms an abnormal beam that causes damage when it hits.

myths – legendary hand machine gun

Mythos comes with the legendary Omen mod. Shots launch an anomalian shell that breaks the shelter and causing bleeding. In addition, he applies a status that increases the damage by 30% by three seconds.

To find out more about Outriders, read the section What is the equipment of the apocalypse in Outriders WorldSlayer? In professional game guides.

The new backstage video Two Point Campus tells about creative possibilities

The publisher of SEGA and developer Two Point Studios released a new “backstage” video on the upcoming Two Point Campus simulator, where players will have to create and manage their unusual studio.

In this video, the co-founder of Two Point Studios Gary Carr, art director Mark Smart and the head of the Chris Knott animation department will talk about creative tools that will allow anyone to create their own unique university.

Creativity 101 | Two Point Campus

Unlike its previous creation, Two Point Hospital, the developer team decided to give players much more freedom, including the opportunity to use the tools used by level designers. Therefore, it will be possible to create buildings of any shape and decorate them at your discretion. If you do not have time to do something by the beginning of the school year, then its start can always be “paused” and complete your developments.

The release of Two Point Campus will take place on August 9, 2022 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

“Ukrainian situation that is not danced by fake news and does not keep it on its own” journalists Ukrainian situation -Ryoji Fujiwara interview

The war in Ukraine, which began with the invasion of the Russian army on February 24, is still continuing. Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, and the Czech Republic, have been focusing on game development business since the 2000s. There are many game developers that have been interrupted by game lovers, as there are many global hit titles, but for this war. The fact that it is drawn in Military FPS, which has been developed a lot in Eastern European countries, and the destruction and murder that exceeds it, is just a nightmare event, a tragedy. I can’t say it.

I went to Ukraine and had the opportunity to interview a journalist Ryoji Fujiwara, who had seen the local situation. In 2016, following the Donbus War coverage from the Russian side, this time he entered Ukraine in early March, and mainly saw the people in the surrounding area, mainly Rivi (Lvov), Kiwu (Kyiv) and their surrounding areas.

Readers who are interested in Ukraine and neighboring countries through games and may be in contact with various information and views that are conveyed in connection with this war should be understood and understand. What is it? I would like to be able to receive hints for that from the local and raw words of journalists who have seen the people who live there.

Russia and Ukraine: Russian wars that have been continued

―― Thank you for your cooperation today. When you hear what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, you have to remember the settings and storyline of “S.T.A.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl” (2007), which is a successful work of Ukrainian game maker GSC Game World. Hmm. I think that the enemy was drawn in the past, so to speak, “something like an old Soviet Union,” but the strong message similar to a shout, “Please leave a good Ukraine” remains in the impression. I am.

Ryoji Fujiwara (hereinafter referred to as Fujiwara): I don’t know the game at all, but Ukraine had an orange revolution ( *) in 2004, and I was aware that I wanted to leave the Soviet Union and Russia. As it was growing, I feel that there was such a background if it was developed in 2007.

NOT OUR WAR: Africans fleeing Ukraine - BBC Africa Eye documentary
* The announcement of the election of the parent Russian sect Yanukovich in the 2004 presidential election, and the election has eventually re -elected, mainly appealing to the election of the parent EU faction Yushichenko. To The parent EU school Yushchenko will be the president again. The orange is a symbol color of the Yushchenko.

―― I feel that Russia’s invasion is, in a sense, an event in this context. In the sense of Putin’s intention rather than Russia, Ukraine is trying to be swallowed again.

Fujiwara: One difference is that in that game, I think there was an option to add an attack on what seems to be Russia’s concept, but in this case, in Russia in Russia. The side invaded unilaterally, and Ukraine was not even given options, and was involved in the war. There is a question that it can be simply compared.

– That’s right. Nevertheless, I think that there was a climp annexation in 2014, and the western countries have overlooked Russia’s movements at this time. In that sense, there will be a problem with the relationship that has been continuing forever.

Fujiwara: More specifically, it’s a Syrian civil war that started in 2011. It is said to be a civil war, but it began with a “civil war” that had to be cooled, and the Syrian dictator had suppressed the people to maintain their power.

And Iran and Russia intervened. Despite the fact that Russia fired and bombed the citizens, the western countries did not do anything.

If you go back further, there was something like that in the case of Russian invasion of Chechen. The reason we did thoroughly during the Syrian Civil War, but we didn’t get involved in the international community, so Russia said, “Oh, we can do this. Europe and the United States can’t say anything.” It made me feel.

――I have learned in a bad sense.

Fujiwara: It was parallel with the trend on the Crimean Peninsula, Donetsu, Runsuk (Lugansk) – In the Dongbus region, the Russian army sending troops to make one -sided independence. That’s it.

――It’s about the so -called Donbus War timing.

Fujiwara: That’s right. It is said that there was a mass restructuring of the Russian army in 2012, where the surplus employees were hired by private military organizations, and those who mainly wanted money went to Syria. Wagner groups and those people. It is said that those who had the ideological thing that aimed for the former Soviet Union, or those who were aiming for Great Russianism, went to Donetsk or Lehansk and joined the army there.

– Donetsk and Runsk itself are originally Russian residents, but it is said that it is unlikely that it will be independent in internal. Rather, isn’t it a fuss that the people who received Russian intentions entered.

Fujiwara: I went to Donetsuk in 2016 for interviews, but at that time it was coverage from Russian side. We also interviewed Russian residents and soldiers who have joined Russia, and those who have been damaged locally. Of course, I couldn’t get to the testimony that there were conflicts between ethnic groups, dissatisfaction with the government, but there were large -scale oppression and slaughter.

There was also sporadic attacks in apartments where Russian residents live, and I went to the trace and heard about the residents. It was a reality that it was not possible to confirm whether it was on the side.

Interview with the people who live there and testimony cannot be criticized for those who live in the Russian -dominated area of Donetsk and Russia. The only testimony can be obtained.

There was no confirmation of Russia’s reasons for the invasion of Russian residents, or that it would lead to such a large -scale thing.

――I can you think of it as a conclusion of the 2016 Donetsu cover?

Fujiwara: I feel so. This time, I only went to Kiu, but I felt that Donetsu’s interview, so when there was a movement that Russia was planning to invade Ukraine from the end of last year, Russia said. I had to think that the story of massacre and repression against Russian Ukrainians was an eyebrows.

A dark urban area, surprisingly calm wartime system

– This time you went to Rivi and Kiu. By the time he returned to Japan, did Kiu regain his daily life?

Fujiwara: I entered the western Riviu on March 5th, and then moved to Kiu and was located for about two and a half and a half. It was April 6 that I left Kiu. Bucha was released around April 1st, and it was now sold to sell sake that had been banned from the start of the war on April 4, but there were almost no restaurants and shops open until then. There were few. From the time when Ilpin and Bucha were released, I had the impression that the number of people had increased a little.

There are many companies in the center of Kiu, so the store was closed everywhere in the latter half of March when the battle was intense, but when it becomes a residential area of 5-7 km away from the surrounding area. People were walking in the daytime, and some retail stores were open.

――By the way, can electricity be used normally?

Fujiwara: It could be used normally in places that were not attacked. However, the center of the city of Kiu was doing light control, and in March it was completely dark because there was no light anywhere. The hotel room was also told to close the curtains at night. It may be dark because it is an office district, but when it was April 2 or 3, when I enjoyed a cigarette on the roof of the hotel before going to bed, the lights came out. I noticed that. The number is gradually increasing, and just before returning, I can see the light.

— Isn’t it a situation where food is lacking? From the Japanese perspective, war, for example, a “fire grave”, has the image of not only eating but also everything.

Fujiwara: The supermarket had some food. However, the road was no longer smooth and the distribution was delayed, and there were times when raw vegetables and milk were small. There were a lot of processed foods such as ham, including imported products. I think it’s because processed products can be brought from a distance as much as possible.

Prices were not stupid, and the wartime system was laid out in a very good order. Checkpoints (checkpoints) are tremendous traffic jams, but there is no interrupted and troubles, and it is an impression that a calm and orderly life continued.

――A return to the question of the invasion itself, but the Russian side claims “protection of Japanese residents” is just a very popular reason for the war, and this time it has somehow unnecessary impression. It’s about how you received it in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, in connection with the lie related to the Iraqi war that George Bush JR has done, Russia’s invasion of armed forces one after another at the time when the United States is very difficult to move is overlooked in the international community. It has been. I wonder if that was the result of being accumulated as a bad learning.

Fujiwara: When government troops used chemical weapons to residents in opposition areas of opposition in Syria, I had a moment when the United States and the United Kingdom would intervene, but in the end, I was opposed to public opinion. I didn’t have a military intervention.

– In fact, President Obama at that time (for the use of chemical weapons) is making a red line remark.

Fujiwara: Yes. President Obama, as well as his own remarks, consulted with Congress about military intervention in Syria, but he was opposed. There is no doubt that the Syrian people have a desperate feeling that “we were abandoned by the international community.” There were various units, from moderate to al -Qaeda, and various foreigners on the Syrian Civil War, but it is strong when people on the opposition look for a way to protect themselves. Since the units are the predecessor of the al -Qaeda and Islamic countries, the Syrian dissidents have joined, and their organizations have grown rapidly. It’s not because the Syrians were identified by al -Qaeda and IS.

――I said the Assad administration was more scary.

Fujiwara: When the Syrian government used chemical weapons or repeated airstrikes, the images were full of SNS, especially for those who are rescue on the local opposition. For them, Russia creates fake news that intentionally reduces reliability. This is the case with Russian state -owned media such as “Sputnik” and “RT”, and the rescue that actually existed on SNS using all the influencers in Europe, the United States and Canada, and other countries. The play is completely penetrated as fake news. Later, AFP communications were verified, and some of them were finally clear.

Russia has done the same thing in Syria, and has responded that many people are deceived by it. That’s why I have done the same thing in this invasion of Ukraine.

– In that sense, it’s a Russian trick that continues from Syria.

Hidden truth… is that really true?

Mobile Jrpg Echoes of Mana has its own train


Square Enix decided to launch a large -scale advertising of its new mobile game Echoes of Mana in Japan and decided to decorate the train for this.

The train running along the super -loaded Yamanot line in Tokyo is decorated with a variety of posters and decorations dedicated to the new game, and also for the first time in its own way uses special design of windows that recreates the visual theme of Echoes of Mana. In this form, the train will delight residents and guests of Tokyo until May 16, 2022. In addition, the Echoes of Mana advertising posters will also appear at the Yamanote line.

Echoes of Mana is available right now on mobile devices running iOS and Android, and recently took a mark of 1,000,000 downloads.

Com2 Bus-Hanmi Healthcare, Meta Bus Healthcare Project Joint Promotion

Comtu Bus (CEO Lee Kyung -il) of Com2uS (CEO Jae -joon Song, Lee Joo -hwan) will promote Hanmi Healthcare (CEO Lim Jong -hoon) and Meta Bus Healthcare Business.

What is CCAM? - Beyond the Bus: Healthcare on the Move

Com2 Bus announced on the 4th that the two companies agreed to jointly develop and proceed with the drug business through the meta bus.

The signing ceremony was held at the Auditorium of the All-in-One Meta Bus Platform, which Com2 Bus is being developed, and promised a healthcare business to be created in virtual space.

Hanmi Healthcare is developing, producing and distributing various health -related products in various fields such as the development and supply of state -of -the -art medical devices and general drugs and health functional foods. Com2 Bus will combine various businesses currently underway in Hanmi Healthcare to meet the Meta Bus ecosystem and create a new business model together.

In particular, by applying the HMP platform, a medical portal for pharmaceuticals in Korea -US Healthcare, to the meta bus, the doctors, pharmacists, and conferences can share and communicate various information such as medical materials, clinical lectures, and insurance review consulting. And to strengthen the community function.

Com2 Bus is a meta bus specialist, which was recently founded by Com2uS and Video Content Producer Wiji Wick Studio and expansion reality (XR) content company NP. The company is creating next -generation methus platforms through organic cooperation with leading companies with expertise in each industry such as finance, culture, life, and medical care.

In addition to the Korea -US healthcare, financial, education, entertainment, food and beverage, communications, and distribution, we are discussing investing in comu buses and joint construction of ecosystem. As a result, the company plans to carry out the full -fledged meta bus platform business.

Com2us Holdings, RoM Raising: Warriors Global Launch

[App Store Moon Young -soo] Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong -guk) announced on the 3rd that it will launch a global launch of the neglected RPG ‘ROM RoM RoM: IDLE WARRIOR’ through Google Play and the Apple App Store.

RoM Koo -gi: The warrior is the second work that Com2us Holdings joins Abysswiz (CEO Dong -Sik Kang). Based on dot graphics, you can feel retro sensibility and reflect the neglected game trend that can be easily enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

This game is characterized by the vertical screen, unlike the side -scrolling RPG ‘ROM’. Monster hunting is automatically in progress, allowing you to increase your stats with the stats you can get from the gold and character level up.

In the ‘Infinite Tower’, which can be entered when it reaches a certain level, various production materials and reinforcement orders can be obtained. The Tower of Test and World Raid, which targets the monsters of each floor, are also the main contents for character growth.


Meanwhile, Com2us Holdings has been launching the ‘Global Light Game Business’, which has discovered indie games since last year and introduces it to the global market.

Tweets cite for a fee soon? Musks Ideas for Twitter

According to Reuters, Elon Musk currently plans to monetize viral tweets in the future. It was only on Monday that we reported that Musk Twitter will take over $ 41.4 billion ** for around. Accordingly, the question arises as to which changes the platform could expect. Finally, Musk indicated in the past to want to make some changes to the platform. The topic of freedom of expression in particular was brought up more frequently, since Musk seems to see problems on Twitter currently.

the ideas of the Elon Musk

Elon Musk tweets for first time since buying Twitter to celebrate free speech
Musk has those banks who help him finance this project, apparently mentioned his vision for the platform and for the company behind it. In this way, he is said to have communicated an idea in which third parties such as websites would have to pay money to quote tweets from verified users or to embed the page.

This should be part of the plan to better monetize tweets in the future, especially those who go viral. Elon Musk is also said to have already selected a new Chief Executive, but it is currently not yet known.

Dogecoin and new executive

In addition, Musk has given other ideas for the platform in numerous tweets (some of them have already been deleted). For example, Twitter should be less dependent on advertising revenue in the future. In addition, salaries from the Twitter board members are to be deleted, which would save $ 3 million, according to Musk. Musk also commented on a tweet that was now deleted in early April for the Twitter abodel “ Twitter Blue “.

Twitter Blue is currently available in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and, for example, makes features such as deleting your own tweets for a fee. While the subscription currently costs $ 2.99 a month, the price in Musk’s performance should be clearly reduced. In addition, advertising is to be deleted and the crypto currency Dogecoin is to be made available as a means of payment.

In any case, we will be excited to see which of these ideas may be implemented. It may still take a little time before we get the actual consequences of this acquisition. In any case, there are no official announcements of the company or statement on the report by Reuters.

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