Nixon will hold ‘MCI22’, the first offline event of Maple Story World at the Won Convention Center from today (26th) to 27th. The conference was designed to build a long-term collaboration with the creators of Tapestry World as a producer in a variety of ways, and to actively inform the Maple Story World to the general users.

Prior to the start of the conference, there are worlds produced by the Tapestry World Developers, as well as a space and photo zone where creators can experience several worlds implemented by creators. After the time to experience this, Nixon Kim Jae-won, vice president Shin Minsk and Oh Shying, released the roadmap of Maple Story World.

■ Vice President Kim Jae-won Maple Story World, establishes a new subsidiary Token Studio for global participation

We met with creators online after 86 days of domestic launch. Project M has been working with Maple Story World since the pilot service. I will go out.

Tapestry World is a content development platform that breaks the boundaries of existing games, and many contents have been produced thanks to the support of users and creators since the September 1 pilot service. In addition to providing Maple Story Asset, which has been in service for nearly 20 years, we have prepared various support measures for creators.

The slogan of the MCI22 is the beginning of Maple Story World. MCI, which will be held annually since MCI 22, will deliver various information and news for creators, and will provide opportunities to introduce their own content to their families, friends and users. In this MCI22, there will be showcases to deliver the vision and update news of Maple Story World, keynote to provide development insights, and conferences for internal developers. I hope it will be helpful for all creators.

In addition, the company will establish a new subsidiary Token Studio for the official launch of Maple Story World and smooth global services, and will be in charge of the global and domestic integrated services of Maple Story World. Token Studio is a studio that has been accumulated by Nixon’s global service, and will provide a smooth service for Maple Story World. We look forward to your interest in Token Studio, which will be in charge of Maple Story World Service.

■ Maple Story World Model, Applied from November 29

Nixon’s director Shin Minsk shared a review of the pilot service of Maple Story World, which was held on September 1, and shared the future development plan.

Since the beginning of the development, Maple Story World, which started with the concept of ‘World that is not in the world, creates your own Maple Story’, has a goal to become a platform for creators by adding not only content development but also profit generation. In addition, Nixon’s representative game, more than 200 million subscribers, and the massive asset accumulated during the 19-year service of the global popular IP Maple Story, added ‘Maple Story World’.

Maple Story World is provided free of charge as well as assets, as well as many tools for content creation, and various functions to reduce the difficulty of content development are improved or added. In addition, the development of multiplayer content that content creators is the most troubled has been made easy and easy to verify with Nixon and educational institutions. In order to secure user feedback and more content and to build maker stability, it has been converted to a pilot service from September 1. In the meantime, there were few user pools that could give feedback, and the decision was made because it confirmed that the possibility was confirmed by the development of various contents.

Shin Minsk, director of the closed test, announced that after the transition to the pilot service, several world producers have opened more world than expected as several world producers communicate with users with discoed and comments. It was also used for coding education in elementary education. In fact, in Gangnam, five elementary schools are conducting coding education using Maple Story World. Thanks to this, we expect more educational institutions to use it in 2023.

Meanwhile, various feedback and problems were found at the pilot service stage. First, feedback was raised from creators that some matching-based worlds were difficult to play because there was not enough promotion and user pool yet. In order to overcome this, he explained that it plans to execute marketing in earnest in December and appeal to users.

The problem with the original Maple Story and the feeling of operation was also a problem. In this regard, the default value is set closer to the original operation, but will be refined to make the user coordinating the operation more detailed. Mobile heating issues are also preparing to optimize, and the joint production functions pointed out among the creators have been improved as a priority inside the developers. In addition, the company plans to expand the number of creators by expanding the number of creators by pointing out that there is a lack of content.

First, Maple Story World will establish a Token Studio to enter the global market next year and dedicate domestic and global services. At the same time, the creator event is also preparing not only in Korea but also for global. In addition, the company is also developing ‘Maple Story World Ecology’, a dedicated client that can be used for block coding classes in the educational field. In addition, 3D, shaders and GPS functions are also added to expand the creation of content production of creators. In addition, resources will be added in line with the addition of new episodes of Maple Story, and will be reflected in addition to user feedback such as translation tools and game statistics for global services.

Lastly, from November 29th, BM features that can generate revenue will be updated. Creators can put a profit structure in the newly produced worlds and worlds since the 29th. Shin Minsk, director of the contents, will be compensated for efforts to create content, and will be motivated to continue. Maple Story World is a strategic platform for Nixon’s global preparation, and many creators can profit and succeed. I will make efforts. Please pay attention.

■ We will lay the foundation for fee exemption by May 2023, for creators

Subsequently, Oh Shying, head of business, explained the future vision of Maple Story World. Tapestry World has planned a platform where anyone can easily and quickly convert and enjoy their thoughts, and to build an ecosystem centered on the most important ‘creator’. To this end, CI2022 has been held from the project MOD stage, meets several creators, receives feedback, and has been conducting several events for creators, including hackathons and developers. Based on the accumulated experience, Maple Story World explained that he is trying various ways to support creators.

First, we produce and distribute educational materials for free, and operate developer centers through Discords for creators. In addition, the company plans to conduct educational programs in connection with educational institutions as well as various events such as hackathon and developer robes Wings.

In particular, Oh Shying expects that Maple Story World will contribute to the educational area during Nixon’s social contribution, and will continue to contribute to educational activities not only in coding education but also in various subjects as he has already verified in classes for elementary school students and college students. I explained. The education version is provided as a platform separated from the existing Maple Story World, and only the educational world is exposed. In addition, there are additional features for educational guidance, such as account management functions.

He also explained the detailed strategy by mentioning a partnership with creators, users, profits distribution, and influencers that can attract the public for the success of the platform. First, Token Studio, a global subsidiary, will become the subject of Tapestry World’s global service, and in Korea, it will also be held next week.

As mentioned in the project MOD stage, in addition to Maple Story, it expanded to Nixon’s other IP, while also explaining the expansion and external IP. In particular, the demonstration at the MCI 22 was released in advance that Benetfordi’s ‘Going Over It’, which is well known to users as a jar game, was selected as a collaboration IP. In the field, you can enjoy this in advance of the new reinterpretation of the Maple Story World, and you will soon be able to play it within the Maple Story World. In addition, in commemoration of this partnership, the original narration was also released by the original author.

The creator’s revenue model was first presented. Advertising Model is a support for small-scale development teams that are difficult to form BM, and are considering not only banner advertisements but also full-scale advertisements and sponsor advertising. In addition, it is also planning compensation advertisements in connection with the content. In addition, there is a funding program for creators support, but it will take a little more time because it is verified in various ways such as funding support conditions and models. In addition, he announced that it will provide a variety of content to show the true nature of Metals, which encompasses virtual and reality.

In Maple Story World, revenue distribution is divided into three structures of creator-Nexon-Store fees, and when the monetization model is introduced on the 29th, ‘World Coin’, a paid good, will be added to the world. When a user purchases the content created by a creator with World Coin,