Tenpin Goats (Tibetan: བས ན འཛ ན ར མཚ, Wylie: Stan ‘DIN RGA MTS HO, THE: Tenpin Goats), Born Lamp Holdup (Tibetan: ལ མ ད ན འག བ, Wylie: LA Mo Don Grub, The: Lamp Holdup) On July 6, 1935, in Taker (Hong ya (红崖村) in Chinese), in Qinghai Province (AMMO), is the 14th Dalai Lama.
Buddhist monk of the BELUGA Institution, he is sworn in Time tor and also Spiritual Chief of Tibet on November 17, 1950, one month after the start of the Chinese army intervention in Tibet. In 1959, he evolved in India where he created the Tibetan federal government in exile he directed to his political retired life in March 2011, a head of state prospering him for a democratization in exile. Residing in Dharamshala for greater than 60 years, it is taken into consideration as the highest spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, and also many Tibetan as an emanation of Czenrezi, the Bodhisattva of compassion. He advocates the independence of Tibet till 1973, after that for a real autonomy of the entire Tibet (Using, Khan and also Ammo) inside China.
In 1989, he obtains the Nobel Peace Prize for constantly working on the resolution of the Sino-Tibetan dispute by non-violence,
It is commonly invited by Buddhist centers, establishments or personalities, and makes many journeys all over the world to teach Tibetan Buddhism, as well as share a message of peace as well as non-violence.

From Path Of Exile, we skip to Diablo 3, because there are really historical things.

Well, we have been waiting for the first player-maniac, which in the PC version D3 reached 20,000 championship level, or 20,000 Level Paragons.

Our hero comes from China and is called (translation into English) era :

(Here you will find his profile — unfortunately, no Chinese VPN will not be able to see it)

In theory, paragons do not have a maximum level of experience, but 20,000 Level was considered as called Hard cap, after which we are no longer able to gain further experience (until Blizzard another TAX will not increase the limit). Looking at the screenshot, I think it really is…

How much time did it take to drag 20k? It’s hard to say, but according to the commenting between 10k and 20k receipt, there were 6,000 hours of continuous grind.

Another thing is that many people do not believe that the Chinese will achieve such a Level completely legally. However, he was not banned, so wanting not wanting, we must recognize him as a pure gamer.

Power levelling subs | paragon 20,000

What are the paragons exactly?

After reaching the maximum level (70), players can still gain experience and advance to the so-called Master levels.

What each next level we can distribute championship points in selected categories. On the first championship level, players will receive a point in the basic coefficients’ category (e.g. lifetime, traffic speed), on the second — attack, on the third — defense, on the fourth — utility (e.g. reduction of resource costs, area damage bonus). In the fifth cycle, everything will start again. After reaching 800 common championships, players can only earn points in the basic coefficients’ category.

PS in Europe Supreme Level has less than 17k — here