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When does the blue protocol come out? Answered

Banzai NAMC has finally presented new information about its online role-playing game, Blue Protocol. After more than a year of silence, this new MMORPG finally seems to be approaching a complete launch. More news is also expected in The Game Awards 2022, which means that fans who have been waiting for so long can see the game in action in a deeper way. However, with all this, do we finally have a release date? This is what you need to know about when the blue protocol comes out.

launch date of the blue protocol

As part of an important live broadcast dedicated to the game, Banzai NAMC has confirmed that blue protocol will be launched at some time at the beginning of 2023. There has been no specific date, but it was confirmed that the game will have a very early network test in the year. This will be housed between January. 14 and Jan. 16, where 50,000 applicants will be selected until December 13.

It is not clear if we will obtain more clues about the release date on The Game Awards, although Banzai NAMC confirmed that the game will come out shortly after the network test. Naturally, the editor will want to take his time to make sure everything goes well with such a large online role-playing game. With luck, fans who have patiently waited for this game will not have to wait for much more to have it in their hands after the network test ends.

That is what we have so far with respect to when the blue protocol comes out. If you are looking for more content while waiting for the game, see ‘s gaze on some of the last announced characters of the game.


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How old is Kratos in God of War Ragnarok? Explained

Throughout God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarök, it is clear from the beginning that Rates has gone through hell and literally returned. The God of War has a past as rugged as the ladies and many lives of regrets, but how many lives have Rates lived? Immortality, after all, is one of the many advantages of being a God. So only How old is Rates in God of War Ragnarök?

What is the age of Rates in God of War Ragnarök?

Depending on how you look at God of War Ragnarök and its historical and mythological inspiration of real life, Rates could be 1000 years or more. Since there is no official age for Rates, three points must be considered to determine Age in God of War Ragnarök:

  • The destruction of Sparta in God of War II is inspired by an earthquake in the real world that occurred in 464 BC.
  • God of War (2018) is set in the era prior to the Vikings (Source: Santa Monica Studio, Reddit), which takes place between 500 a. C. And ends just before 800 d.
  • The beginning of Fimbulwinter is inspired by a real world historical event that occurred in 536 A.D.


Using only the two historical dates, the end of Sparta and the beginning of Fimbulwinter, that is exactly 1000 years. Add the age of Rates at the end of God of War III, a few years for Faye and Rates to establish, and the canonical age of 14, then Rates is reaching 1070 years, at least.

There you have: How old is Rates in God of War Ragnarök? Even if you do not follow historical and mythological inspiration, there is no doubt that Rates is at least over a hundred years. To get more guides and questions, discover 10 small details that could have been lost in God of War Ragnarök, or may be curious about how Odin lost his eye in the game.

Fence of the prominent image: Santa Monica Studio

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God of War Ragnarok PS4 vs PS5: All differences, explained

Taking into account the lack of PS5 supply, it is possible that many players who choose God of War Ragnarök can only do so in the PS4. With that, there are surely concerns about the slightest experience that the previous hardware could provide. To respond to that, here is our explanation of all the differences of God of War Ragnarök between PS4 and PS5.

Differences from PS4 vs PS5 God of War Ragnarök

With #Godofwarragnarok just around the corner, we are pleased to share all the graphic modes that will be available on PS5, PS4 Pro and PS4!

See all options below to get information about resolution and FPS in each mode.

-Santa Monica Studio-God of War Ragnarök (@Sonysantamonica) November 3, 2022

It is no secret that you will definitely get a minor experience of God of War Ragnarök in PS4 compared to PS5, but there are a little more detail in what you can expect. The previous Tweet of Sony Santa Monica presents the graphic options available in the game according to each console.

Following the tweet, All PS4 Pro owners can get 1080-1656P at 30 FPS blocked (frames per second) or 1440-1656p at 30 fps . However, if you do not have a PRO model, you are only seeing 1080p at 30 fps without alternatives. PS5’s owners with the appropriate configuration can achieve up to 4k natives, which is a fairly large difference.

The PS5 also offers 3D audio when combined with its patented headphones or other headphones with similar abilities. You will not get that in the PS4 to the same extent.

That is all you need to know about all the differences of God of War Ragnarök PS4 and PS5. If you are looking for a summary of the history of God of War Ragnarök, we have it covered.


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