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PS Plus Premium: Various games of mythical Saga Syphon Filter are listed for PS4 and PS5

Syphon Filter is one of the most mythical sagas of the origins of PlayStation. A frantic action adventure that also had its moments of stealth and an exciting story, being of the few games that remained at the height of the great Metal Gear Solid . He had several deliveries that kept the guy in most cases, but the formula was overwhelming and Sony left the mark saved in the drawer of oblivion. Until now.

It seems that with the new PlayStation Plus, they want to try a possible return of the saga. Therefore, in the Korea Games Classification Administration, the Games Syphon Filter, Syphon Filter have appeared, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, and Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow for PS4 and PS5 . So we have seen it from Gematsu.

Although at the moment there is nothing official, this could mean that games will be available at PS Plus service review, which will be available from June . But from PlayStation they have not yet given any concrete list of the games that will be accessible to subscribers through the cloud.

The first installment of the Saga, Syphon Filter, was launched in 1999 and had a huge success. Since then, as we say, several deliveries have come, being the last Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow in 2007. They are 15 years without the adventures of Gabe Logan.

Eye because in the list there are all those who are. Interestingly, neither Syphon Filter 3, which was launched in 2001 for PlayStation or Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain . It would be logical that, to be included, all the series is added, but we will see what is all of this when there is an official confirmation.

The first PS1 Games are LEAKING on PS4/PS5! - PlayStation Plus Premium LOOKS GOOD
It may be a way to try the interest of the community by the saga. In fact, Bend Studio, creators of Days Gone, proposed to make a new Syphon Filter and, apparently, PlayStation discarded the idea.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what the new PlayStation Plus Premium Service offers. At the moment, it seems that is fulfilled one of the bets we made in our quiniela of essential games that should be in the service. And that you can see below.

Nintendo is negative for third party development? Overseas Studio CEO talks about past exchange with Nintendo

Big Nintendo Switch + 3DS eShop Sales Revealed And Xbox Games For January Leak Early | News Wave
The other day, the Nintendo E-Shop service for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will be announced to be terminated in late March 2002. Nintendo Switch Online has a service that you can play with Nintendo64, but still miss this machine and the title that makes it difficult to get in the future is still a lot.

The response to the tweets of overseas fans who lamented such a situation is Stephen Kick, a NightDive Studios CEO. The company is currently developing a remake version “System SHOCK” and is also for overseas in the past, but is a powerful studio involved in “Shadow Man: Remastered”.

Kick has discussed “ Nintendo for several remasers in the past, but they are reluctant to be in charge of development. ” I commented. Actually, “Shadow Man: Remastered”, which was originally a title of the title, which was originally released in 1999 Nintendo64, saying that the story did not progress.

You may be difficult to use all titles, but you can not help but hope that users can play past works.

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