Timo is perhaps the most annoying champion in Wild Rift. He inflicts tons of damage and eats the health of the enemy, always maintaining a safe distance. On Timo paper – the duo champion. Nevertheless, playing solo on the baron line, he really shines.

Timo uses a combination of basic attacks and strengths of abilities to pacify his enemies. His abilities require a special style of the game to use it fully. It can become invisible and plant numerous invisible mushrooms that enemies can step on to get crazy damage in AOE. Timo is not strong in the late game, so it is ideal for aggressive pressure and Haras enemies in the early stages of the game.

Timo skills

Passive: toxic shot

Timo attacks are caused additional magical damage to the enemies for four seconds after exposure.

ability 1: blinding dart

Timo throws a dart at the enemy champion, inflicting magic damage and blinding them for 1.25 seconds .

ability 2: move quickly

After unlocking this ability, Timo passively receives 10% of the speed of movement being outside the battle. With active use of the ability, Timo makes a small jerk forward and runs for three seconds. The bonus from the passive at this time doubles, and it cannot be slowed by enemy attacks.

Ability 3: Partisan War

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After a small delay, Timo becomes invisible . It remains invisible while it is in the bushes, but loses the effect three seconds after leaving the bushes. After leaving the state of invisibility, Timo receives 30% attack speed within three seconds.

ultimate: Poisonous trap

He throws a preserved mushroom to the ground, which, after a small delay, becomes invisible to enemies. When the enemies step on him, he explodes and creates a puddle that aoe damage for three seconds . Enemies who fell into a puddle also slowed down by 40%**.

The best combination of Timo skills

ability 3 (partisan war)> basic attack> ability 1 (bleeding dart)> basic attack> ability 2 (quick movement)

As can be seen from the above combination, the basic attack with the simultaneous use of abilities is how Timo works best. When playing with it, the perfect strategy is to constantly put pressure on the enemy. Use its ability 3 to get closer to anything to an unsuspecting enemy, then perform a basic attack and quickly use 1 to blind it. Complete it with basic attacks and use the ability 2 to get away from enemies or catch up with the runaway opponents.

The best assembly of Timo items

The first item you need to buy for Timo is torment Liandry . Therefore, always take haunting guise in the early stages. Then follow him with the help of Nashor’s tooth since this will give a bonus speed of attack a lot the strength of the ability and cool . After that, the third and fourth points are situational. If enemies build magical protection, the staff of the void forMagical penetration . Otherwise, build a deadly hat of Rabadon for an additional fee power strength . Behind the boots, go ionic boots of clarity for recovery, then buy stasis spell *.

The best runes for Timo

The best spells for Timo

Flash: * flash – a great spell for almost any champion. When playing Timo, use it to get away from enemies, or connect it with his ability 2 to quickly approach enemies.
Light: * Inflaim is a mandatory spell for Timo, since it is ideally combined with its abilities and passive abilities in order to apply tons of additional damage to enemies over time.

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