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Rare Pokemon is full! Pokemon Go Safari Zone, Ilsan Lake Park

The first Safari Zone event in Korea will be held at San Lake Park in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do from today (23rd) to 25th. Nike and Loyang announced the beginning of the Safari Zone: Loyang, which will be held for three days at 8:30 on the 23rd.

Safari Zone is an offline event where Nearer is around the world for Pokémon Go players. This time, you can meet Pokémon such as ‘Seal Burke’, ‘Mousse Gap’, and ‘Flame Be (Blue Flower)’ in line with the concept of Loyang Lake Park, which has a variety of flowers. It also appears as a rare probability.

In addition, players can catch Pikachu, who wore safari hat during the event, as well as caterpillars, Mignon, office, Ramos, bhikkuri and surprise.

The Nike side evaluated the background of the event at San Lake Park as a city with a cultural/historical heritage and a safe environment, along with the geographical advantage located near Seoul. It will be an opportunity to explore and rediscover Loyang City to residents of Loyang and visitors to Loyang.

Lee Dong-hwan, who visited the opening ceremony on the 23rd, said, I think this event will have a tremendous economic effect from Loyang City. I hope.

Loyang City is known to have prepared this offline event of Nike. Loyang City provided a promotion to provide accommodation at a discounted price so that tourists who visited San Lake Park abroad not to be ‘ripped off’.

Tickets for Safari Zone: Loyang can be purchased at the Pokémon Go Inn Game Interface or the official website. There are two types of tickets, with a total of 16,000 won for general tickets (12 pm to 18 pm) and 24,000 won for pre-entry tickets (09 am-18 pm). San Lake Park will be transformed into a place for Pokémon Go for 3 days. Participants can meet various decorations, as well as team lounges, battle areas, Pokémon exchanges, special pocket stops and photo zones.

Ticket buyers can exchange up to five times during the period, and the sands used for exchange are also reduced by 50%. You can get a limited edition medal that you have participated in the event, and you can earn various rewards. During the event, the duration of the census increases to 8 hours, and the duration of all lure modules increases to 4 hours. In addition, buyers can receive real goods such as Pikachu Sun visor, Fiancé, and Willow Card on the spot on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Pikachu Memorial Photo, which is a symbol of offline event, runs 8 times a day for 20 minutes from 10 o’clock.

Loyang is a city of history and culture… I hope you feel beauty at the festival for 3 days

Answer of the native and reporters held at the opening ceremony.

Q. How many economic effects do you predict?

** a. It’s hard to talk about the economic effects of this event right now, but I think there will be economic effects because there are some users who visit this area for this event in other regions or other countries.

There are many cities that help live events, but I think that this event is possible because of this event. We usually publish how many Pokémon have caught and how many distances the trainers have taken after the event. You can check it later on the official blog.

Q. Is there a Korean city where another event is being discussed?

a. We talk with many cities, but now there is no release. Nevertheless, Safari Zone will be held in Taiwan and Singapore this year. The event was held in Korea and received a lot of support and support from Loyang City, and Korean users were also very grateful for playing fun. I hope you come together and enjoy it.

Q. What are the criteria for selecting a park where live events are held?

A. One of the mottoes of Nereid is to make people explore the community. Another criterion is important for trainers to explore the field and find out how new things are found.

Q. Loyang will hold every two years, but about this story?

a. (Laughter) We would like to do so, but there is nothing now. I am grateful to know how many players are enjoying in the Korean market.

Q. Finally, please ask Korean users.

A. Thank you for coming to this event and enjoying it. This event is an opportunity to meet and connect many users. I would like to come to Battle and Trading Area and don’t be ashamed and actively meet other users.


Sapari Zone: Loyang meet in the picture

Below is the first day of Safari Zone: Loyang.

Do not call at 3 a.m. (September 2022)

Do not call at 3 a.m. is a game in the horror genre developed by the Box club for this platform. In this game, you will call many famous terrible characters that will amaze you with summers and terrible videos. If you want to scare well, you must go and call some of these monsters!

If you are looking for free, you can find it with our codes Do not call at 3 a.m. List. If you do not know how to use the bonus Do not call at 3 a.m., you can find out how to do this, in the Frequently asked questions section below! Do not forget to add this page to the favorites by clicking Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by pressing the Add to bookmarks button on a mobile device.



All codes Do not call at 3 a.m.

Do not call at 3 a.m.

How to activate codes in Do not call at 3 a.m.?

Where to get additional codes for the function Do not call at 3 a.m.?

All codes Do not call at 3 a.m.

* Swamp -Call of the FaceTime Shrek (novelty)

don’t call at 3 a.m.

How to activate the codes in Do not call at 3 a.m.?

To activate the codes in Roblox Do not call at 3 a.m., you just need to perform the following actions:

  1. Open Roblox Do not call at 3 a.m. on your device.
  2. Click on a monster/essence that you want to call
  3. Copy the code from our list
  4. Enter it in a text field
  5. Hit forward! Button

If this is a completely new code that does not work, try to close the game and open it again. This will place you on a new server on which there may be an updated assembly of the game, where the code will work!

Where to get additional codes for the function Do not call at 3 a.m.?

To find more codes, be sure to subscribe to the Box Studios channel on YouTube. Otherwise, we will update this wiki with all the last codes, so do not forget to look here more often!

These are all the codes that we have currently listed for Roblox Do not call at 3 a.m. If you see something that we lack, tell us about this in the comments so that we can add it right now!

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Do not call at 3 a.m.

Session: Skate Sim: Skateboard

  • Session: Skate Sim-49.99 euros

The video editor is just one of the most essential features of the video game and also ensures that everybody can celebrate their best steps. With a vast array of alternatives, such as the 90s filter, fans have whatever they need to film themselves, produce clips and share them with others.


The ingenious gameplay, in which every controller stick stands for a foot, and also the innovative physics supply a lot of realistic look in every movement. The skateboard fanatics experience the skate feeling they loved, and with boosting practice a sensation of constant development. With 16 of one of the most renowned skaters in the video game, followers can mimic the methods of their favored pet cats and follow them in several missions in campaign mode.

Bacon and the advancement workshop animal Studios announce that Session: Skate SIM is now readily available for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and also PlayStation 4 in stores as well as for PC by means of Heavy Steam as well as the Impressive Games Shop.

With over 85 percent favorable testimonials on Vapor, the sensible simulation, which captures the globe of skateboarding as well as its society, was already effectively absorbed by the community. The nine-member designer studio Area has been reproducing numerous famous skate spots in the USA. The followers can eagerly anticipate checking out the most effective areas in Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco.

Recap of the major features of session: Skate Sim:

With over 85 percent positive reviews on Vapor, the sensible simulation, which catches the world of skateboarding and also its culture, was currently very well absorbed by the community. The nine-member designer studio Area has been duplicating several famous skate areas in the United States. The skateboard enthusiasts experience the skate feeling they loved, as well as with increasing method a sensation of consistent progression.

Session: Skate SIM is now offered for Xbox Collection X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC (Vapor, Epic).

  • An event of the 90s: The golden era of the skateboarding is replicated in the video game
  • Great deals of web content: a sandbox video game that provides a travel setting for followers of missions-50 primary missions, 54 side pursuits and also 60 missions with other skaters
  • Iconic places: 3 replica cities-Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco
  • Formally qualified content:
  • 16 expert skaters
  • 50 skateboarding brands
  • Cutting-edge gameplay: Sensible gameplay makes session: Skate Sim right into a special skateboarding simulation
  • A complete video editor: The video editor uses a vast array of options: fish eye lens, clip editor, adjustment of the area of vision, a number of cam types, and so on.

Tougher penalties for pyrotechnics as well as a bodies in England

The driving or burning of smoke bombs as well as pyrotechnics is also immediately penalized with the twelve-month lock. The 20 clubs of the Premier Organization on Wednesday agreed on this. Appropriately, the penalties can likewise be increased to moms and dads or going along with persons that have hosted likely to a game with their obvious youngsters.


English specialist football makes it happen as well as is harder versus its followers in the event of misconduct. Any person who is entailed in an area tornado will certainly be omitted from the house as well as away video games of their favorite club for a minimum of one year.

jail sentence not omitted

At the end of July, the Premier League, the English Football Association FA and the English Football Organization (2nd to 4th department) had actually settled on harder assents. These are meant for tornados and pyrotechnics, but additionally for drug misuse or discrimination. Anybody who breaks the policies is reported to the cops, run the risk of an entry in the criminal register and also, in the most awful situation, also a prison sentence, as was introduced at the time.

[Interview] The keyword of Glen Scofield, Calisto Protocol is isolated and desperate.

In the last week of the Cause holiday, I was able to meet some special characters at Yeoksam-dong office. The main character is Glen Schofield of Striking Distance Studio, known as the father of ‘Dead Space’ for SF horror fans.

On December 2, Glens Schofield, who said that the final work was in full swing ahead of the global launch of the Callisto Protocol, was pleased to deliver some news in Korea. In the upcoming interview, he was able to talk in-depth about the worries he decided to make an SF horror game again, as well as the worries he felt in the process of making a game called Dead Space’s ‘mental sequel’.

■ Callisto Protocol-The two keywords are ‘isolation’ and ‘desperate’
Q. There is less than three months left until the official launch. Can you tell me what schedules remain from now to release?

= Some bugs are fixed, and the overall finish is d1. Outside of development, marketing projects are also in progress along with final trailers. It is currently preparing for a European tour, and afterwards, a press tour is scheduled in the United States. Many things are busy as it is an important time at the same time, but I am looking forward to the team’s internal release because it is about to launch a game that has been working for a long time.

** Q. There was no offline event for a while because of the fan Derick. In the last Games com 2022, I know that I met my fans through an offline booth for a long time, but I think it was new.

= I really wanted to meet fans in person. Every time I participated in E3 or similar kinds of events, I talked a lot, but it’s a pity that large game companies don’t participate in the event. Offline events are one of the few opportunities to meet fans in person, and it is necessary to hear the voices of customers, such as what is good for the developer and what is unfortunate. Personally, I hope there are more shows. Participating in these events is always happy.

▲ New Game Play Trailer unveiled at Game Com
Q. The demo play has been released once through GameS com Opening Night Live. I wonder what the elements I wanted to show in this demo are.

= I wanted to show more action, and I wanted to tell you that there are various elements that refine the middle flow of playing the game.

This time, the scene of descending sewage pipes was released this time, but in the actual game, the section is longer. In the process, he could die in a really fresh way, and he wanted to convey different kinds of tension. Horror is actually about tension. It is important to see this tension in some areas and explode fear at the time of the tension collected.

In this trailer, for the first time, he showed that he had to attack tentacles to remove them. The technology called ‘Grip’, which grabs an enemy or an enemy, is a player that can use it to fight the sandbox close to the sandbox. It can be used as a meat shield and can be used as a meat shield or attacked on the wall. It is a part that many gamers are expected to show.

Q. In the process of fighting, the enemies that are increasingly variable appear to be the core of gameplay. Can you explain the characteristics of the enemies in this work?

It may sound strange, but the most characteristic is that all monsters are stems from ‘human’. If you look closely, you will be able to discover the human teeth in all monsters.

If I have one belief that I have adhered to now, it is a bizarre human being that causes the most terrible feelings for man. I’m afraid of spiders, but it’s not scary at all when I see the huge spiders in the Lord of the Rings. Rather, it doesn’t seem to have an intelligent monster, and unlike spiders, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to harm you on purpose.

The same is true of the monsters in the Callisto Protocol. It is a characteristic that it has a better intelligence than other monsters with human elements.

Q. Even though it was set in the background of Jupiter’s satellite, Callisto, I felt that there were realistic spaces that seemed to suit the earth, such as sewers and wood treatment plants. I wonder how the concept of the overall level design was envisioned.

= Do you want to go to jail here? The concept of level design started with a ‘prison’ that no one wants to go. I wanted to emphasize two large keywords, ‘desperation’ and ‘isolation’, and if you are prisoner outside the earth, they seemed to appear quite well.

While investigating the idea, I learned that Jupiter’s satellite, Callisto, is actually called a dead moon. It is also a kind of scientific probability that there is water under the glacier on the surface, so that humanity may be pioneered someday.

Based on this content, in the worldview of the Callisto Protocol, not only prison, but also mine-like facilities that mankind built to colonize Callisto. The deeper inside, the more you will be able to dig into the secrets one by one.

Q. Among the many satellites of Jupiter, is there a special reason for the background of Callisto?

As mentioned earlier, Callisto is one of the first satellites mentioned that it may be possible to pioneer by scientists. Of course, even if there is water under the glacier, it will be hard because there is no atmosphere, but it is assumed that you can make the air yourself.

Q. As you can see from the demonstration, the Callisto Protocol shows a very cruel and diverse dead scene. Can you tell me how some dead gods are going to appear and how you got your ideas?

In fact, I don’t know if a total of a total of dead shine will be included in the final version. Besides, I can’t get all of that merit because not all those dead gods come from my head.

Most Dead sin was created after many meetings with animation directors and CCS (Chief Creative Officer). The parasites enter the mouth, or the eyes of the eye, and so on… Of course, I came up with a few ideas, but most of them came out of their heads.

It’s always fun to see the ideas of others. In fact, it is not important to whom the best idea came from in the head. Rather, it would not be more important to enter the game (the best idea).

Q. The desperate feelings that you can feel when the resources can be used are also responsible for a survival of the survival horror. What is the Callisto Protocol? I wonder if the resources are rare during the gameplay process.

= The answer to this question is Yes and no.

As I said in the past interviews, I like the Resident Evil series very much. One thing I didn’t like was that there was only one bullet in the bullet box obtained from the table. Does that make sense? So I wanted to approach a slightly different way in the Callisto Protocol. Instead of picking up one or two bullets, you can get a magazine at all.

Of course, this does not mean that there are plenty of resources. When I found a perfect magazine, I had a relief, and I also had devices that could also feel other despair, such as ‘I can’t catch this magazine.’ Anyway, the gun will be able to shoot without a circle. That’s a pleasant part.

Q. In addition to firearms, close weapons and technologies that pull enemies were also revealed. I wonder what kind of weapons and abilities that play can be used, and how they can develop the player’s ability.

= A variety of weapons, such as pistol, assault rifle, and shotgun, appear in the game, and every weapon has a skill tree, so it can be upgraded and personalized as the player wants. One play will not be able to upgrade all weapons. The enemies continue to attack even if their heads are destroyed. You have to aim for tentacles, so you need a fairly precise shooting.

‘Grip’ is a function that can interact with objects as disclosed in trailers. It is also a way to catch the monster and throw it on the wall, or to seek a break of the enemy’s tentacles for a while. It’s a kind of professional tip.


There are also various melee weapons, and if you are not too close to the monsters, you will prefer ranged weapons. In this way, the Callisto Protocol enabled the battle of sandbox style. It is possible to grow the right weapon according to the way you want.

Indeed, I forgot to say, but I can sneak up and stealth kills. It will be necessary when dealing with the ‘Blade’ that appears after the middle.

Q. Can’t upgrade all weapons at once, does it mean that you are considering the elements that can be played repeatedly after clearing the game?

= Of course. Jacob also prepared a lot of hidden roads in the process of escaping prison, but in the first play he doesn’t think he can find them all of them. There are also audio logs that can be found in the process of exploring, and if you want to know about the entire story from the whole story, you should look around. For repeated play

Where long – fall Empire: TGS trailer as well as our impacts of the PS5

With the new mix of Senior and Nigh, the designers of Goa Team wish to immerse themselves in the third age of Chinese background. For specifically curious gamers, a momentary demonstration is readily available on the PS5.

At Games com there was no method to play the brand-new action video game where long: dropping dynasty, on the Tokyo Video game Show is exactly that feasible. Even those that stayed at house now have the possibility to obtain a first picture-and can check out exactly the demonstration that can likewise be seen on the TGS. 4 Players might not be stated two times and also played via the test phase where long.

NIGH with a brand-new coat of paint?

Many thanks to the settlement of the story in the China of the 3rd age, where Long certainly likewise makes use of chinese tools, however this does not make a real difference in fight. A number of incorporated, consisting of light as well as heavy strikes, plus, 2 unique strikes and also even smaller sized fleece bid farewell to themselves.

In the initial chapter of the adventure in the trial, which can be downloaded cost free for PLUS owners in the store till September 26th. Not just is an instead extensive play location with the very first challenger, the game and also combat system and using the ethical function can also be analyzed in detail.

Despite little thorough help, connoisseurs of games like Nigh, Dark Hearts or Senior understand what to do, also prior to being surprised at the instead coherent appearance. Since where Long not only looks much prettier than Nigh 1 and 2, but likewise supplies a quicker and optically much more efficient course of the video game.

In the situation of bigger calibers, numerous spells of the selected course can also be acted on demand and also when it comes really thick, the hero merely calls its magical partner, which tidies up quite easily even with more challenging qualities.

extra for the masses

In general, the initial appearance at where Long: falls Empire a quite good one, yet it is not quite enough for the top class. Till the video game is available in the very first quarter of 2023, the designers can still transform a couple of plugs, wonderful fun and also the fights are currently fun.

Where Long plainly relies upon a somewhat lower degree of difficulty than the precursor video games detailed. It alone comes to be fairly requiring in position, however you can either contact a really strong NPC or an online player-which works instead severely than right in the demo-and then take place the video game together.

This is almost no opponent in the test version of where Long is a real obstacle, just with the last boss and the quick striking tiger beings can in some cases be a little tight. The brand-new moral feature is a wonderful benefit just how well can be tried out in the finished video game, the demo can not respond to, however a minimum of the gamers currently recognize what exactly is all about.

Overall, the first consider where Long: falls Empire a respectable one, but it is not quite adequate for the leading class. Until the game is readily available in the initial quarter of 2023, the designers can still transform a few plugs, excellent fun and the battles are already enjoyable. Only the excessive collecting of 10s of armor with values that nobody needs should be detoxified.

At Games com there was no method to play the brand-new action game where long: falling dynasty, on the Tokyo Video game Program is exactly that feasible. 4 Players can not be said two times and also played with the examination phase from where long.

Why is the graphics from the leakage GTA 6 looks so bad, explained

In an unprecedented situation, the alleged clips of GTA 6 appeared on the Web. Only recently it was announced that the game is in development, despite the fact that between it and its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto V, is already nine years old. But should they be?


will the GTA 6 release look like a leak?

You can be sure that the final version of the GTA 6 is most likely not similar to leaks .

To explain, here is an analogy for you. You can think about the design of the game as a human body. Its source code is like its skeleton. His AI, physics, mechanics, sound design, plot and other aspects are like muscles that make the game move. Graphics is a shell over all this. What you see in these leaks looks like a map of the muscles of the human body in an anatomy textbook. It looks rude, but this is because there is no skin yet. And they should not be at these early stages of the development of the game.

In the leaked clips there is a train with the inscription Vice City on the side. This is not a hint that the action of GTA 6 will take place in Weiss City or that we can visit it. Games developers often use filler resources, objects that were used in previous games to check how a similar object should work in their new game.

Years of hard work and efforts in the game design go to many things before work on graphic assets begins. Work may remain underestimated because it is difficult to see or describe many of these efforts when reproducing the final product. However, these efforts are the basis for excellent games.

If you want to learn more about our lighting of the alleged leakage GTA 6, check out the leaky frames of Grand Theft Auto 6 on the Internet here in Pro Game Guides.

Greedfall – Exactly how to travel rapidly

_ GREENHALLis a role-playing game that you can classify like a semi-open globe. The game includes a number of locations of various sizes, varying from cities as well as clusters to more country locations. Running from the filling display to the loading screen is a bit painful. The good news is, the video game has a quick traveling system.

GREEDFALL-How to take a trip quickly

You can travel rapidly ingreed fallbetween rapid travel factors. You have to be at a quick trip to launch the procedure. Furthermore, you can not take a trip rapidly from any type of location.

When you wish to travel swiftly, go to a fast journey on the card and also interact with it. It will typically show up in the video game as an earthbound world in the cities, a campfire in your camp or a stone put up in Indigenous towns.

The game has a fast travel system.

These technicians are basic. You must constantly see to it that the goal you are taking a trip is specified as an objective adhered to in your paper. It makes it simpler to work in the appropriate location.

When you interact with it, the card opens as well as shows you all the vital places of your journey many thanks to the rapid travel system. By flying over the website, you can see among your pursuits energetic in the region. By clicking the place, you get a checklist of fast traveling factors available, and also the fast trip closest to your existing mission is highlighted.

You can travel quickly ingreed fallbetween quick traveling factors. You can locate quick traveling factors to your houses in the different cities. By clicking on the location, you get a list of rapid traveling factors readily available, as well as the quick trip closest to your present mission is highlighted.

You can discover quick travel factors to your houses in the various cities. The traveling factors are situated around the card, at the crossways of all the cards and also permit you to uncover the areas booked for coaches in several places.

Gobert clears: France degrades Poland and remains in the European Championship

_ Frederik Paulus records from the Basketball European Championship in Berlin

In front of 11,563 spectators in the Berlin Mercedes-Benz-Arena, Poland at first went into the lead with the first throw of the game-the just high feeling of the countless Polish fans must stay. France rapidly made it clear in which direction this video game ought to run: the European champion from 2013 only enabled 18 points of the underdog until the break and created a 16-point lead.

Poland, nonetheless, composed history in a negative sense: The last game of the Slovenia defender with so few points dated a fifty percent from 1960 (18 versus the Soviet Union). Just Hungary-1946 had fewer points in an EM semi-final against Czechoslovakia. The Mateusz Bonita (7 factors) and also A.J. Massacre (9) did not end up being a factor.

The Polish group drops apart

France currently meets the winner of the 2nd semi-finals between Germany as well as Spain (Friday, 8:30 p.m.) in the last (Sunday, 8.30 p.m.). Poland demands the loser of the Part in the game for third area (Sunday, 5.30 p.m.).

France rapidly made it clear in which instructions this video game should run: the European champ from 2013 just allowed 18 factors of the underdog till the break as well as developed a 16-point lead. Poland, nonetheless, wrote background in an unfavorable sense: The last game of the Slovenia defender with a so couple of factors dated a fifty percent from 1960 (18 against the Soviet Union). At the start of the 3rd quarter, France increased the lead to 19 factors, but the highest possible in this competition needs to be also better versus unfortunate Poland: in the direction of the end of the last location, the furniture was quickly 44 points.


At the beginning of the third quarter, France raised the cause 19 points, however the highest in this tournament ought to be even much better against unfortunate Poland: in the direction of the end of the last location, the furniture was briefly 44 factors. During that time, nonetheless, the challenger did not make a real resistance, which the French field toss (62 percent) and the high three allocation (58 percent, 15 out of 26) discussed. The French distributed minutes as well as points to numerous shoulders at the most up to date and could manage to secure their top players for the final. Gershon Abuse attracted attention with 22 factors, complied with by Evan Fournier (10).

In the end, Poland shed with 41 points in different ways the last time there was such a huge space in the knockout round of 1987-as an outcome of Poland Mit-47 Yugoslavia.

Heim Kino Podcast 42: The Grand Finale

The answer to everything can be located in episode 42. There is brand-new premium talks in hearing layout in the kind of the Computer Games Podcast.

Additionally, the second massive fantasy franchise business is likewise handed down: Game of Thrones. With Residence of the Dragon, HBO wants to assist the attracted brand name, which lost specifically with its last period, back on his feet. How well this will work and what both dream shows can be seen in a straight comparison?

Movie examines regarding motion pictures:
Jurassic Globe: A new age in film objection: for termination dull
Top Weapon 2: Maverick in film criticism: a suddenly excellent action film for the cinema
King Richard in film criticism: Two tales as well as a man-one manipulative biopic
Everything, Everywhere, all at Once: The mother of all films

A large as well as fancy movie test with dear associate Christian Lorre. Who will be placed on the cinema crown at the end of Ham King?

For the last time home cinema: 42 the response to everything. Which number could fit far better to complete a cinema and also collection podcast.

hear the new episode right below!

Note: If there is no gamer with the podcast episode, please enable third-party cookies.

By packing the stream, you accept the data defense policies of Audiocon (Rautemusik GmbH). You can locate more details on information defense from Rautemusik GmbH in the data defense declaration.

Stream store

_ All topics in episode # 42-TIMECODES: _
00: 00: 00 welcoming and introduction
00: 02: 12-ring of Power vs. Residence of the Dragon
01: 46: 40-Werd Dream The new buzz for superheroes?
02: 00: 20-the huge movie quiz with Chris Lorre
02: 22: 42 Area & Real-Talk
03: 09: 50 home suggestions & farewell

Even more info concerning Ham King

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  • Cast box.

If you desire an added appearance behind the scenes or desire the exchange with Mac, Chris and the Area, we suggest an appearance at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – ICR will not regret it. A last pro pointer: Whether on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or one more system (detailed below), subscribe to the residence cinema podcast to always be notified about new episodes or unique versions. Have enjoyable with the brand-new episode!


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For the last time house cinema: 42 the solution to everything. Which number can fit better to complete a cinema and collection podcast. In a row Number 42, our 2 editors Mac Nae em Cheema and Chris Fly are talking about a number of things: On the one hand, the collection is the emphasis of the Lord of the Rings. That will be placed on the cinema crown at the end of Ham King?

A last pro idea: Whether on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or one more platform (listed below), subscribe to the house cinema podcast to always be educated about special versions or new episodes.

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