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Before this Malenia cosplay from Elden Ring, even let me solo would have respect

For many players, it is clear after two and a half months of stay in the intermediate: Malenia is the heaviest boss of Elden Ring . The self-proclaimed blade from Miquella has already sent countless stained into the hereafter and, despite resourceful jug tactics, may continue to be one of the greatest challenges of the software history.

The red -haired valkyrie is even so feared that with the bare hero “Let me solo here” she created her own, living legend. Only recently streams of the dedicated Malenia killer his 1000th triumph over the boss at the bottom of the halig tree. But despite its strength, we are certain: Before this impressive Malenia cosplay, even let me solo respect.

a mane like fire: Malenia cosplay from Elden Ring

Cosplayer Fox_Mellis has made every effort to bring the fearless warrior to life and did a truly convincing work: the side perspective, apart from the impressive, winged helmet, the arm prosthesis in which Malenia has installed her sharp sword.

Her red hair, on the other hand, act like the blazing fire that burns inside the valkyrie when she plunges into one of her many fights. And last but not least, FOX_MELLIS chose an extremely suitable background for her Cosplay : There rises reddish steam, which is like the rotting clouds that creates Malenia with its attacks in its second phase.

other impressive cosplayers

Let me solo her. 3rd summon solo Malenia

Malenia is by no means the only cosplay candidate who impresses us with her fearless will to win on the battlefield. For example, this cosplay of the explosive Jinx from the League of Legends series Arcane has some tricks in store to shoot the enemy and its powder in the air.

And even in a wide, distant galaxy, you don’t get very far without courage and fighting skills: This is not only demonstrated by this cosplay of the Star Wars protagonist Rey if you are again with her light sword skills kylo ren on the dark Page of the power, but also this cosplay of a Twi’lek head money hunter, who finally earns a living with nimble fingers at the trigger.

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Elden Ring: The competition rages in the speedrun community, a new world record!

As you know, Elden Ring is a great success for from Software. The title has visibly reached a new public, and the Speedrunners are already got in my heart in many categories. New records around the world keep being established, and it still happened on the weekend of April 16th.

938 336 views

Elden Ring Any% Speedrun in 18:57 (WORLD FIRST SUB 20 MINUTES)
At present, there are several categories of Speedrun for Elden Ring. There is obviously the Any% category, which consists in using all the means provided by the title to complete the game as quickly as possible, but there is also the Any% unrestricted , which allows players To use the many flaws ** of the game to make a lot, a lot of time.

Two players stand in a pocket handkerchief

On PC, the world record of the Any% has been detained for a few days by Muftaay in 26 minutes and three seconds (road wrongwrap), while on console, the 35-minute record 51 seconds is held by Dulier. But the category that interests us today is unrestricted, where the zip technique, which exploits the flaws of the game which makes it possible to move on huge distances, is queen. Quite spectacular despite the absence of combat, this category was recently dominated by the Speedrunner Distortion2 , which has stopped improving its time pass under the 7 minute bar ** (6:59) At the end of last weekend.

But despite his fierceness and his great talent, the American players had to bow this weekend in front of the French Runner Seeker who established a brand new world record for the category. His time ? 6 minutes and 46 seconds , an improvement of 13 seconds compared to the previous record. For the moment, seeker and distortion2 are the only two players to be passed below the 9 minute bar in Any% unrestricted **. The third fastest time to have been submitted to is 9 minutes and 31 seconds (by Ginz, another French runner, followed by the American Mitchriz (9:40) and Hyp3Rsomniac (12:20).

The struggle of the Sub 7 finally affects at its end! After failing the sub 7 of two seconds, I had another run with an insensated start / middle that allowed me to get the record, although I missed the end of the run: D ! I still want to work this category and go on the 6:30, said Seek on his YouTube channel.

Other categories are also very competitive

Recall that, on April 13, the player Star0chris has established an impressive record of the world in the Any% Glichless category, that is to say an attempt that does not use the bugs of the game with a good preparation and a careful study of the best road to follow, it has established a time of 1 hour, 18 minutes and 50 seconds , while considering that pass under the bar of the time is quite feasible. Obviously, the times of the Any% Unrestricted category can also be improved. It remains to know how far the players will be able to go. But it can take years because it is indeed not rare that new roads and techniques are discovered , significantly improving the chronos.

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The Any Glichless is remarkable. The rest is not worth the sentence of their nickname since it remains of the “cheat”.

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Elden Ring: This fighting game mod is so good that you even tekken

Is Elden Ring too hard for you? Maybe you feel good for a fighting game? Then you should see this mod for Tekken 7 once. Instead of with Hehachi Mishima or Yoshimitsu, this is the most famous characters from Softwares epic action role-playing game. Whether stained, Melina, Ranni the witch, Potboy (aka Alexander) or lobster, your favorites are all on board.

In the video below, the fists fly properly, because most characters were stolen the weapons. Soul Calibur may have been a better template, says a user, but it is also particularly funny to observe figures like Ranni in a fisting. And now you can see the crazy action itself:

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If you want to try the PC-MOD yourself, you can download the file to Tekken mods.

Tekken producer reports to speak

The character models in the mod look so good that developers ultraboy currently gets a lot of attention – among other things of Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. The special feature: Elden Ring and Tekken are both Published by Bandai Namco, and Harada even served as a general manager of Elden Ring. He refers to the mod in a tweet as “incredibly well done”.

Why your Elden Ring still plays better than RPG, you see in the test video:

More news about Elden Ring:

Elden Ring PVP lookin different

  • ** Elden Ring Glitch makes annoying killed 4,000 damage per second!
  • Elden Ring: This painted ‘Pokémon Feature’ I would have celebrated correctly
  • Elden Ring: In a new Speedrun time is not our freezer pizza ready

Quality causes confusion: However, Harada also hangs a “Please listen to”. How this is meant, a Twitter user wants to know. The Tekken maker reports that surprisingly many fans keep the PC-MOD for a real-existing project of the publisher. He has nothing against the personal pleasure of the fans, so Harada, but must be considered in the spread that Bandai had already been contacted by fans because of the mod.

What do you mean, Bandai Namco is supposed to get up and develop a real elden ring fighting game?

Homer, Shrek and the donkey invade Elden Ring thanks to the mods

Despite the performance problems it has _ Elden Ring _ on PC, players simply can not stop modifying each element that the new BromSoftware job presents us. This was something to be expected, but we did not expect the result to be so chaotic. Thanks to a mod, Now Homer can face Shrek while he tries to get the Donate Elden.

Elden Ring but ruined by mods

Recently, the YouTuber known as Toastedshoes, published an appropriately titled video “Elden Ring but ruined by Mods”, which presents a version corrupted by The Lands Between. Here we can see Shrek and Donkey play the Tree Sentinel , Slinky of Toy Story as Torrent, Bugs Bunny on the paper of White-Faced Varré, and much more.

Toastedshoes used the tools created by Garden of Eyes, another YouTuber, to offer us this corrupted version of Telden Ring. This is not the first time that this player does something similar, since the channel of him is full of similar videos , with his series of Sifu being one of the funniest in recent months.

On related topics, the new patch of trown Ring puts an end to the Speedrns. Similarly, this game still hides many secrets.

Editor’s note:

The MOS always make experience more fun. The content that is created is funny, and I hope this does not stop, I want to see that other cartoons of cartoons appear in this title in the future.

Elden Ring and also Horizon: Forbidden West control a Spanish leading led by Legends Pokemon: Arceus

MGP463- Life Is Strange: True Colors, Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West & Pokémon Presents!
This way, as well as taking into consideration that AEVI does not give sales figures , it is likely that the set of duplicates of Elden Ring (on Computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series) and Horizon: Forbidden West (PS4 as well as PS5) Open up the Pokémon legends: Arceus , which is just located in Nintendo Change. It is worth highlighting the resistance of the Nintendo franchise to stay in such a high setting next to the heavyweights of February.

Yet, the checklist has eternal video games in this type of news as FIFA 22 in its version for PS4 as well as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is withstanding to leave the top and continues to be at tenth placement . In enhancement, The Last people: Part 2 makes Act of presence Suggesting Elden Ring in its variation of PC as well as the currently commented FIFA 22. Below are the record of one of the most popular games in Spain.

February has brought us a wave of powerful releases , so we currently recognized that the 2nd month of the year was mosting likely to give us lots of reasons to light the console or the computer. Perspective: Forbidden West became part of this occasion with sales in the UK that duplicate those of your innovator , while Elden Ring remains to gather gamers in Vapor and also is already considered the largest brand-new IP because 2016. And also, In the Spanish market, Pokémon tales: Arceus carefully close February with some extremely favorable outcomes .

In this we do not overemphasize a peak, because the Spanish videogame organization has left us with a leading led by pocket beasts . This is already followed by the previously mentioned Elden Ring as well as Horizon: Forbidden West, who deal with much of the scenic view many thanks to the sales of their various versions .

Where to get the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War in Elden Ring

Ashes of was in Elden Ring are currently pretty overwhelmed. From software games generally have a story in which the use of magnoven attacks as the “simple” mode was considered. Here it is no different, especially in the overwhelming number of skills and weapons that there are. There is certainly some things that the game can trivialize. Here we discuss Hoarfrost pounding, a very powerful ash of war, and where you get them in Elden Ring.

Where you get hoarfrost pounding in Elden Ring

These ashes of war are available on the pond east of Caria Manor. In the water there will be an invisible runner, leaving footprints and runs on a specified path. Kill the runner and the object belongs to you.

Elden Ring Hoarfrost Stomp Ash Of War Location
Rounding Harfrost can be equipped with all non-unique weapons that you will find during your playback. This means that you can not put this on memorial weapons and dedicated boss drops.

The best weapons to create these ashes of the war are those who already have a kind of passive effect. If you put this on a Katana where blood loss is already built, the addition of Hoarfrost Stomp also increases frost construction. This is only if you select the refrigeration element as an affinity that you want to give your weapon next to the ashes of war.

Frost is an exceptional passive effect that can be combined with blood loss, as this element increases the damage suffered by 20%, which also seems to scales from the health of blood loss proc. The ability is not only extremely strong, but also seems quite strong with one of the most strongest status debuffs in Elden Ring.

The best part is that this ability consumes only 10 FP per activation, so that users can use them a few times without magic.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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Elden Ring: How to stop the white steps on the beach

_ ELDENRING _ has a large selection of secrets that you can enjoy happy through the countries and find in the experience. Between the fighting against bosses you can try to uncover one of the many great secrets of the game. Regardless of whether you have two hands in your hand or not, you will definitely unleash the true power on your enemies on your hunt for these secrets. Such a mystery that the players have wondered are the White FootsTeps on the Beach in eldenring. This editorial informs you about what they are and how they can hold them around on the banks of the area.

Where can I find the white traces in Elden Ring?

How To Stop The White Sand Beetle In Elden Ring

To find the white tracks, you have to go to the “coastal caves”, where the sea beats quietly against the rocks. You then have to go to the beach and you will find this near the Western grace “The First Step”.

When they are on the beach, their eyes are attracted to the blinding white lights, which are clearly visible on the beach. When you approach you, make a sound and start to run away / go from you. The sound varies depending on how far they are from the steps away. There are a few white lights in the area and each of them refers to the steps.

How to stop white steps on the beach in Elden Ring

To stop the white steps, you must meet them with their chosen weapon. Of course, maybe ask yourself why you beat your open, but there is actually an invisible enemy that is killed with a single beat of your weapon. To catch the steps, you have to be in front of you when you race on you, and then turn the blow from there.

As soon as they have eliminated the enemy, the lights go out and they get an “Ash of War”, which is a sweep capability for their character, which is a “heavy affinity” they can access now. It can be added axes, hammering and swords at each grace location of your choice.

Remarkably, the hidden creature is a “Teardrop Scarab” and you resemble in many ways the “Crystal Lizards” from the Dunkle Seelen Franchise. There are many of the scarabs to find and they drop items that can pick up their character, and generally reward them that they can reach and eliminate them. The beach is definitely an unexpected encounter. So if you know how to get there and what you are rewarded, it will be ensured that your journey is worthwhile through the area to the beach where the Skarab is located.

_ ELDENRING _ is now available for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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