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Creator of Xenoblade Chronicles speaks of the future of the series

The Xenoblade Chronicle series has been on everyone’s lips in the last weeks thanks to the launch of its third game, which is the entrance to the franchise for many users. And after this will come a DLC to finish expanding the story that according to many people is linked quite subtle among their three video games.

Recently it has been confirmed that the creator of the series and founder of Monolith Soft, Tetsuya Takahashi , shared a message to Japanese customers, one that has to do with the future of the saga. In addition to annexing thanks to those who trusted the proposal and a advice for what they want to do with respective projects.

Here the translation made by Nintendo EveryTHING :

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is also a stop point for me. This title represents the conclusion of the story of Xenoblade that began with the Klaus experiment.

While it is a conclusion, that does not mean that it is the end of the Xenoblade series. It is just a stop point in my mind. I think that everyone who played this title and the additional stories in the expansion pass can imagine what the future holds to Xenoblade.

It is worth mentioning that the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is not over, not even in the base game, since next year we will have an important expansion similar to that of turns The Golden Country With the second title. So there is still content to see in relation to the exclusive enigmatic franchise of Nintendo .

Remember that this third game is available on Switch .

Peter Jackson mentions why he is not involved in the Lord of the Rings series

At present, one of the most anticipated series for Amazon Prime is that of the lord of the rings: the power rings, itself that is set within the universe of films that the director Peter Jackson worked at the time. However, it seems that he has not had much to do with this project and now the filmmaker himself spoke about it.

According to his words, the producer of the series approached him to know if he wanted to get involved in the series, before this Jackson told him that he first would like to take a look at the script. Thus they agreed that it was sent within a couple of days, but apparently this never came to the director of the director, so Jackson would have been discarded.

Here the words he said to the podcast of The Hollywood Reporter:

Producer Fran Wash asked me if he wanted to get involved in the series. And I mentioned it is impossible to answer without having seen the script, so they answered me as soon as we have the first sketches of the script, we will send them to you, but those scripts were never revealed.

On his part, he mentions that he is anxious to take a look as a casual spectator to the final project:

I am not the kind of person who wishes anyone wrong, making movies is already difficult enough. If someone creates a good movie or series, it is something to celebrate. And I’m waiting to see The Rings of Power as a neutral spectator.

It is worth mentioning that the lord of the rings: the power rings will be a story set years before the events of the community of the ring and the hobbit , so it will be Interesting to know the background. It is also a good premise so that fans do not find inconsistencies in relation to the successful trilogy that began in 2001 .

Remember that the series premieres next September 5 at Amazon Prime Video .

The most graphone anime of all time

Good morning/day/evening/night (emphasize the right one), dear people of culture! Today we have a difficult task of listing the most graphone representatives of the anime industry. TV shows and films from the list are evaluated not only through the prism of clean details, but also at the expense of the budget of the animators department, and therefore something from the list may remotely seem not very suitable for this material, but in fact everything is in its place. I’ll clarify in advance that today it is at the forefront of the schedule, and not the plot and characters, and therefore something of the named may not meet the high scenario standards of individual experts. About the plots someday next time (Stein’s gates-somer 1, by the way). Once with disclaimers and other explanations, it is finished, then you can proceed to the essence.

Fate Fate/Fate from Ufotable


When it comes to the highest quality of execution, thoughts about Ufotable and its uber series and Fate franchise films float by themselves. Moreover, we are talking literally about all Fate what these gentlemen did from Fate/Zero to the culinary Emiya-San Chi No Kyou no Violet Evergardenn. Comrades from Ufotable are about this franchise with special trepidation and clearly do not pay attention to the fact that Kimetsu No Yaiba is probably more than money. Apparently, in among the leading composition of the studio, inveterate feats are hidden. I do not condemn, but respect, by the way.

As for the anime themselves, everything is simple: the authors quite accurately film some kind of root of the visual novel or manga, season it with an animation chic and the highest level of detail of the environment and characters, and you, in turn, enjoy through eyes.

In fairness, it would be possible to expand the story about the Fate anime to the series and full-range from Cloverworks, which are also very expensive, but after Ufotable they still do not look so expensive.

kimetsu no yaiba/Blade that dissecting demons

Speaking of the mentioned blade that dissecting the demons. This is also an extremely graphic series, which, at the moment, consists of two seasons and full-length. Unfortunately, Fate from the same Ufotable is definitely much more expensive, but the authors do not roll in cheapness and do their work at the proper level. Why is this anime in this list? Yes, because the relative budget does not mean that the Title is generally budget, and therefore all the combat scenes without exception in the series are five plus, and in the case of Ufotable, this means that the level of execution is much higher than the average in industry.

Separately, it should be noted that the boar is magnificent. I have it all.

Jujutsu Kaisen/Magic Battle

But not Ufotable, as they say. Other Japanese studios are able to graphone, but some of them are extremely unstable in this regard. An example of such not always graphone studios is Mappa, which constantly rushes out of the extreme to the extreme, which sometimes leads to a wretched CGI schedule, and sometimes to the magic battle. No one expected that Mappa would make a competitor of the blade, but she took and did, besides, the very first Jujutsu Kaisen season is objectively executed than the first season of Kimetsu No Yaiba. In the second season, Ufotable, of course, recouped, but this does not cancel. It would be extremely funny to find out that in fact, Mappa and Ufotable decided to compete with the help of these two titles in who will be reborn and a lot of visual pleasure awaits us.

Violet Evergarden/Violet Evergarden

But there are those who definitely do not compete with anyone and live at their pace. I say, of course, about Kyoto Animation, which are simply physically unable to do something bad. These gentlemen are simply chosen once or twice a year from their Dungeon and show who the real Dungeon Master is here. The level of quality of the graphics that these gentlemen show in the series is no longer able to show literally no 1. Literally everything is brought to a state that is close to the ideal: from the backgrounds and surroundings to the details of characters and animations. These people manage to anam in the scenes those objects that would not move at any other studio, which just shows their attention to details. However, why am I crucifying here if you can simply show what these people are capable of.

Musaigen No Phantom World, Kyokai No Kanata and many others…

It goes without saying that the list of high-quality works from Kyoani does not end on Violet Evergarden. It is worth just switching to MAL or any other anime database and see the track record of these masters of their craft. Kyoani always put the quality of the content of the content at the forefront, and precisely because their return to the system after terrible events on July 18, 2019 means so much for the entire anime industry as a whole. The comrades have already shown on the example of the second season of Kobayashi that they would not break them again with us and some kind of shit.

If someone is suddenly interested, then the criminal who arranged that arson will receive either the death penalty or a lifelong conclusion, if the judge decides to take into account his mental health.

One Punch Man

In any way, one cannot fail to mention something so loudly huting during the first season as Vanpanchman. The Madhouse studio has not been pleasing to something high-quality recently, but sometimes it supplies really terrible things (I look at you, Showometsu Toshi), but in the seemingly extremely distant year, these comrades made something really special, which is the single-manner man. What happened to those professionals who then drawed so chic animations is unknown, but I would like to find out. In any case, the first season is required for viewing, but looking after it at the second will be painful and this is no longer recommended to do.

works Ghibli and Makoto Sinky

Why am I so uniting completely different authors? It is simple))) If you be completely serious, then there is simply no reason to tell someone about certain ones, because all of them already know so well. Many grew up on the cartoons of the GHIBLI studio, many several times watched Makoto Sinki’s works and admired too detailed clouds and power lines. In both cases, a huge amount of energy has been invested in production (Ghibli, of course, has more, but we are not organizing competitions here), and therefore it is simply impossible to mention them.


I will not try to say that I have listed all the exceptional graphics of the work, because this is not so, but I did not want to stretch the material to unprecedented values, and therefore, if the people requires it, I can make another selection, which will include less famous studios and works.

The main conclusion from everything is written simple: Kyoani and Ghibli handsome. And I take apart for Sim and wish everyone who read it not to get sick, not to be beech and watch only good anime.

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Agatha Christie– Hercule Poirot: The First Cases Xbox One, Xbox.
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Blacksad: Under the Skin | Xbox One, Xbox.
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Cursing | Xbox One, Xbox.
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Blue Dragon | Xbox One.
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Book of Demons | Xbox One, Xbox.
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Borderlands 3 | Smart Shipment | 75%.
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Borderlands Legendary Collection | Xbox One, Xbox.
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Borderlands: Game Of The Year Version | X.

Grand Theft: Competition: Win just today Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft User @Sanvio70 has birthday today as well as you get the gifts! For the event, @Sanvio70 has given away an Xbox Series X/S code for Grand Theft Auto V, which you can win today. Thank you very a lot for that!

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New CAYO PERICO Heist UPDATE, Part 1!! (GTA 5 Online)
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Outward will be available on May 17 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC

The Nine Dots studio and the Prime Matter publisher have confirmed that Outward: Definitive Edition will be available on May 17 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.
A new opportunity to look at this open -world role -playing game which has been able to find its audience since its release in December 2020.

OUTWARD: Definitive Edition – Release Date Reveal Trailer
In addition to including the two extensions that are “The brothers of the late” and “The Soroboreans“, this final edition is accompanied by a new balancing whose main lines are explained on Steam.
In the same way as the PS4 and Xbox One players, PC players will obtain the final edition of the game without additional cost if they have at least the basic game and the additional content “The brothers of the late“.
A new trailer is available to wake up your explorer instincts and your taste for effort, Outward not being renowned for a health walk.

Outward: Definitive Edition – Trailer Release date

Pokemon: Why the series is better today than then

Pokémon is now over 26 years old. In addition to the games, the anime is considered one of the most popular products of the brand – and according to some fans, this has become even better over time.

What makes Pokémon better today?

Most Pokémon fans who have noticed Hype in the 90s and early 2000s will still remember the first two seasons of the anime. Fans could accompany ASH on his journey to become the very best – with the game of course Pikachu, Misty and Rocko.

The latter is now criticized by a parent on Reddit that he often sexualizes female characters in the series. In contrast, Pokémon travel, the 23rd season of the anime, a much nicer series for children.

Thus Tester33333 writes from Reddit that it is hardly fought in these episodes . The focus of the series is that the two protagonists, Ash and Goh explore the various Pokémon. (Source: Reddit / Tester33333)

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Graphics Comparison With Legends Arceus

_Ihr have lust you look at the new seasons themselves or give you the full load of nostalgia? You can actually watch most seasons of the Pokémon series for free on the Nintendo Switch: _

Do fans agree?

Actually, one could expect from the Pokémon community that they defend the first seasons except for death and give no criticism. After all, nostalgia is a decisive reason for the games even overwhelming to sell today.

In the subreddit, nothing can be seen from this defensive attitude. The post office in subbreddit is rewarded with awards and other fans share their enthusiasm about Pokémon traveling in the comments. But a fan but break a lance for Rocko . In the defense of the Arenaliter, he was said that he is very different in the manga and in the games. Well, at least he does not harass there!

_Pokémon is a phenomenon for itself. 9 reasons why you love the series so, you have named us in the following picture line: _

Age of Empires 4: Notes on Possible Xbox

If you think of Age of Empires, you automatically connect the strategy game series to the PC.
So far, this previously behaved with the successful revival of the series by Age of Empires 4. Now the evidence of a console porting.

Age of Empires 4 - Season One Patch Note Rundown
To report the website Exputer, an entry on the page of the game in the Microsoft Store.
You find the note that an Xbox live subscription is needed for online multiplayer.
If you shut down further, Xbox LIVE is also listed under the functions.
This is not the first indication that the game could find its way to the Xbox.
Already at the beginning of the year, we reported an internal version in Xbox Insider Hub.
Furthermore, both Microsoft, as well as the developer team, expressed themselves in the past, as to test the possibility of a publication on the Xbox.

Halo Star Pablo Schreiber addresses those who hate the program: I love you

While the long-awaited live-action aureola the television series has undoubtedly been a great success for paramount + the long time reaction AUREOLA Fans have been slightly mixed. The program has adopted a slightly different approach to the material of the classic game of what many expected. Many fanatics still appreciate and enjoy what the series is trying to do, but there are others who have openly expressed their frustration with the way things are handled.

Pablo Schreiber, who plays the master chief in the new series, is taking a while to respond to the fans. In a new Instagram publication, Schreiber went to the fanatics who loved and supported the program during his first two episodes. He also took the opportunity to talk to people who have not been as fond of the new material, saying that he still respects them and loves them too, and that he will continue to work hard to make a aureola that everyone can be proud.

“Many thanks to all those who have supported our program,” Schreiber wrote in the publication. “We went the second part of entertainment most reproduced in the US. UU last week, behind the Oscar winner for the best film. [Coda] And the most transmitted in Canada! With many more territories arriving at [Paramount +] Soon, [halo] is now officially a great success, and soon it will be a world phenomenon! For all fanatics who have been waiting for this moment for so long and for newcomers who have responded with such overwhelming support and love, I am honored and honored to be at the service of this incredible universe and tradition. “

“For all the ‘fanatics’ who are against the local team, they hated the program before seeing it and they do not agree with what we are doing, I respect their opinion and I also love them,” Schreiber added. “Because the truth is that we love the same. And I will continue working hard every day to make this show the best version of itself, to draw attention and respect for this ». [Halo] universe we love. For all of us…”

‘Halo’ Star Pablo Schreiber on Molding Himself into Master Chief

The first two episodes of aureola have already been released in Paramount +. The third episode makes its debut in the transmission service on Thursday.

What have you thought about live action? Aureola series so far? Tell us in the comments!

Minecraft prepares the Ray Tracing at Xbox Series: Information of the newest version available for Insiders

Numerous years have actually passed considering that its original release, Minecraft is still an actually prominent game. This is shown with an outstanding sales rate, which led it to harvest 1.1 billion dollars only by 2020, and also with the numerous campaigns that their players accomplish. Customers have started to wonder regarding the opportunity that the Mojang title takes advantage all the power of Xbox Series .

Yet, as it shares the journalist Tom Warren , it seems that Microsoft already permits its insiders * to experiment with this visuals improvement. Additionally, it appears that this most current variation of Minecraft reveals the tag that it is maximized for Xbox Series **, so it is possible that we quickly get a lot more information concerning the last movements of the company regarding this video game.

Obviously, the neighborhood does not need Ray Tracing or various other versions of Minecraft to have a good time. There are individuals that lug out Titanic jobs as the one to recreate all the earths of Star Wars, although we have actually been impressed with the most recent initiative: 14,000 gamers Developing the earth Earth to real scale .

How to get ray tracing for Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S Consoles

The most recent version for Experts shows the tag that it is enhanced for Xbox Series We speak about Ray Tracing as well as an official variation of Minecraft for Xbox Series. And it is that Microsoft handled to release the jaw with a video clip in which this innovation was offered in its game of dices, survival and building and constructions. And, although this novelty was activated in the PC edition years earlier, many information have actually not yet been offered regarding their equivalent on Xbox Series.

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